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(SOLVED) - iTunes Library

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I gave up with my sound card and decided to buy a USB Sound Card, everything work great, my problem is that every time I add a track from my NTFS partition iTunes copies it to user/music/itunes/itunesmedia

I tried with VOX player and it plays with no problem from the NTFS, so how can i solve this and avoid that file copying? i also tried using a playlist but its the same.

Hope someone can help me!

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There's a setting somewhere in iTunes where you can disable that. The iTunes library on my Hackintosh has no songs in it, everything is on an NTFS volume.


Speaking of iTunes, I found something new (to me) in 10.6.3 (default with Mountain Lion GM) - a *visualizer* (similar to the ones long included with WinAmp, Windows Media Player for Win32, Zune Player, etc.) - however, this one *seems* to be using QE/CI. At any rate, the visuals are absolutely knock-the-socks-off; literally the crispest and cleanest I've seen in any media player regardless of operating system. Is this an exclusive to this version of iTunes, or is it something the OS X versions have had? (I have not seen such an option in any version of iTunes for Windows.)

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