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Links for the Weekend: August 19-20


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If you use Anchor Free (one of the most popular free hotspot finders), check out wipod, which allows users to “look up free hotspots quickly and easily right from your iPod”... Google has relaunched its own web-based word processor, writely, which is currently under beta (and doesn't support Safari)... Familiar with the popular messaging client Adium? Then you may be excited to hear the latest news about Foom. Foom is currently under early development by Chris Forsythe and Evan Schoenberg (Adium Lead and Project Managers). Although there is absolutely no information on what they may creating, TUAW claims to keep an eye out for it.


By now you may or may not have found Insanely Mac’s official music and movie recommendation thread. There you can find what other forum members are listening and watching... Want to know what our latest moderator, DaxTsurugi is up to? Check out his frequently updated blog... And finally, definitive proof of why you should never pick on a Flash animation.

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