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Asus S96J success some what (Helpful links for new Asus S96J users inside)


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Hey guys, looks like my laptop works! Internet works right out of the box as well. I don't think sound does and my mouse glitches on the screen so I'm gonna have to fix that.


Thanks, I love this so far.



Oh ya... my screen never went black, I never needed to short my monitor port, or hook up a monitor for it to work.



(Edit on August 17th 2006 for links)


The onboard lan works


Video looks like theres going to be a problem, I'm going to try the Callisto drivers and see what

To get sound to work follow this guide by Rammjet.


Setting Up Sound


Wireless Connection is totally dependent on what you had installed or what you installed.


Issues as of now


1. Video support doesn't seem to be working to well.


2. Mouse tearing is happening.

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I will tommorow, I have it on my other pc.


THe only issue now is mouse tearing.


How do I check if my ATI video card is installed? I think it is because I checked a guide on getting the x1600 installed and I could not find some of the strings that I had to change, and I noticed "ATI" so I'm assuming it works.... I just need 1280x800 support.


So ya, the only issue is mouse tearing :D

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