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  1. Something good to think!

    I eat toast for breakfast. Unfortunately it's not made out of titanium.
  2. X-Chat aqua 0.15.0 Intel

    That link didn't work. Try http://lamer0.com/page/ports/
  3. After doing sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver Compositor -dict deferredUpdates 0 is there any way to get BeamSync back? It's making weird colours when I open x-chat
  4. Hey all, This may be a stupid question but I've noticed OS X gets a bit choppy with lots of stuff running. More so than windows did. I have 1GB of RAM I was just wondering if it would be recommended that I up that to 2GB. I'm not really familiar with how hungry OS X is for RAM.
  5. Hey all, I'm not sure if this is the right forum but ah well. I have a 250GB drive formatted to NTFS with all my movies and music on it. OS X didn't mount it straight away so I decided to manually do it. This was fine but when I open the drive it only comes up with the folders and shows nothing in them. (When I first did it it showed 0 files). I decided this was fine so I would tranfer the files to another drive, then format to HFS+. The problem is it looks like the hard drive could be faulty. Getting CRC errors trying to copy in windows. My question is, is there a way I have backup this drive even though there's CRC errors or try get OS X to see all the files or something. Perhaps it permissions I don't know. I'm a bit at a lose now, I've run out of ideas.
  6. Which Laptop

    I've found a Dell but it doesnt look like the wifi and stuff is supported. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...on_6400.2FE1505 http://www1.ap.dell.com/content/products/f...;l=en&s=dhs
  7. Which Laptop

    Mint, I'll have a look at some ASUS ones =D
  8. Hey all! I'm here for some advice. I'm on a bit of a tight budget. I was wonder what laptops out there worked with os x the best. I am forced to sell my iBook and I want to still be able to use os x . One that supports QE and CI would be awesome (or one that will support it soon). Cheers =D
  9. Build a Cheap OSx86 PC

    Just an update. I've got everything except graphics working properly. Well I have it set to 1280x1024 but full screen video files just don't work. Apparently ATI cards are good. What would you recommend? Maybe an ATI alternative to my 6600GT? or a cheap card i can take in and out when I change OS? Anyways, thanks all! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Build a Cheap OSx86 PC

    THanks for the replys. I can't really afford anything like a mac mini. I'd rather just make a few changes to my current machine. What about sound, is there a supported PCI card I could buy?
  11. Hey guys, This is my first post so first off cheers guys! An awesome site. I'll start with what I want to achieve then the background. I want to either have OS X working well on my current windows machine OR keep that machine and build a cheap OS X machine. Something small possibly with a micro atx board etc. I have managed to get OS X installed but there is no sound and the graphics drivers don't seem to work. I have a 6600gt. Personally I'm sick of windows and i want to say goodbye to it. I've had no luck with dual booting unfortunately. I would like to be able to dual boot windows so I can play the occasional game. Most of the time I use my computer for very simple tasks. What do all recommend? How could I get graphics working, how can I get sound working? SHOULD I build a seperate computer? Now just to make it easier here are the specs of my PC. 2x 17" LCD Phillips 170B's (One on DVI one on VGA) Creative sound blaster live 5.1 (the mobo also has integrated sound which maybe would work in OS X) 3GHz Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 1GB DDR Ram 200GB IDE, 250GB SATA, 300GB SATA Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro2 AGP nVidia Geforce 6600GT DVDRW PixelView TV Tuner Thanks!