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  1. rschultz101

    nVidia GTX460

    @vultu by the seat of your pants, is your gtx460 any faster than your gts250 in games ?! benchmarks, do not always reflect that. my GT240 on 3.5ghz quad does 27fps (GT240 fanless, no OC) unless the games actually do play faster / usable , there is no point for me, to gain 3fps in a benchmark.... I'll be happy with my gt240, but my son plays games, wow is choppy , team fortress2 is unplayable even on lower rez. wow on 1080p others: opencl,.... you got only CPU , that's default. think the ATI guys, have openCL,.... handbrake does not use it, but Starfire does.
  2. rschultz101

    nVidia GTX460

    not faster than gts250 !? any faster in games ? cinebench shows the gts460 slower than your old gts250 ,... did you notice in the games, any difference ?
  3. rschultz101

    nVidia GTX460

    deleted appleGPUpower kext my GT240 had low cinebench results,... 4.3 fps,... found out it runs underclocked and in idle .... suppose, if you have 2 monitors in DVI, it's ok. after I deleted kext, had to restart -x -f, repair permissions. no in cinebench I get 23fps . also looking for a faster card for my son, playing wow,... right now, rule of thumb,... what works in windows, , you need 2x as fast a card for osx. and since crossfire and sli don't work ( correct me if I'am wrong), that makes it even harder. hmm, and the ATI cards suppose to bring opencl to the table...coreimage
  4. rschultz101

    PCI Express 16x Card in 1x Slot

    it works 1. use a slim blade, like exacto blade, to trim the end of 1x connector on mobo was easier, than #2.... but on my mobo, gigabyte, had to remove memory,... 2. hacksaw off the pins,... ok, lot's of work, instead i just cut a slot in where the 1x connector ends. tested card in 1x gt240, 9500gt, 2600xt, 8400gs PCI-Express x16 i did that, since I want to build a nas server, but the cheap, non-server mobo's don't have a x4 or x8 slot, for an sata card, and the better once are raid and x4+ ,... the power pin are in the 1x, so all cards should work
  5. rschultz101

    ATI 6850

    update: added device is to ati5000 and atix3000, but getting black screen, and fan goes full speed. the framebuffer , vervet, is that inside of the boot or does it reside in the extra folder ? AtiFb=Vervet , do think the framebuffer should work from 10.6.5 .... did find an ati_init, but it contains a lot of stuff for a 4000 series,... still waiting for the linux drivers,.... others: 16x card in 1x slot,... instead of cutting the connector on the 9500gt,... I cut the connector on the mobo, works, so a 16x card works in 1x mode ! have not tried the 6850 in 16x slot, and gt in 1x , had to remove 2 memory sticks, since the gigabyte mobo does not have clearance. others 2: removed applegraphics power managment kext, GT240 cinebench ~4.7 fps,... went to 22+ cinebench , guess, that was my main problem,... suppose the graphics power managment acts different with 2 monitors plugged in,
  6. rschultz101

    OS X on Virtualbox: Has it been done?

    opensolaris + virtualbox = good! that's good news. now if anybody has it running in Virtualbox on an AMD, that be great! thinking, a Magny cours 12 core, AMD monster in VB,... with osx running, and have ZFS for storage be great. for lower cost maybe a Lisbon 6 core, if need be 2x 6 core,... be great. for now, want to test out nexenta with ZFS, and waiting for Solaris Express 11. meanwhile,.... there should be new Bulldozers in the build,... if you have a chance, can you trow in some xbench / geekbench, handbrake, etc.... assume for the occasional movie watching, should do too.
  7. rschultz101

    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    how is the 10.6.5 update working out ? everything working ? do we still need the atirom ? is the frame buffer working ?
  8. rschultz101

    ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    10.6.5 framebuffer working ? are the 5770 now working in 10.6.5 ? do we still need ati rom with it ?
  9. rschultz101

    Any performance increase since 10.6.5?

    10.6.5 fermi cards ? does 10.6.5 support 400 series now ?
  10. rschultz101

    ATI 6850

    update: 10.6.5 combo update is out .... as usual , delete sleepenabler , *MCED* removed cartri bios added dev id in ATI5000 kext,.... at some point, in the log it ,.... RIRB ,... SS=00 so device ID should kick in, also tried the beta,.... and the fan's got full speed, screen went black. trying chameleon RC5, and aserbl 1.9 at any time, was not able to do "graphics mode"="1280x1024x32@60" .... also , once dev id was added , had also trouble with vbox kext, some thing with ACPI,... how to set pciroot ? and otherATI related boot flags, please post does the 5770 work with 10.6.5 ?? please post still need an ATI init thanks,
  11. rschultz101

    ATI 6850

    the 6850 suppose to be in ATI3000Controller.kext the atiradeonx3000.kext has an entry 0x67391002 that should be my card 6850 is that correct, sintax looks backwards how can I check , if the graphics card --> device ID is recognized ? is there a log file ? want to get the dev id , working first, framebuffer next.... thanks
  12. rschultz101

    ATI 6850

    update: delays - 10.6.5 has further delays - linux drivers , in 3-4 weeks been busy, have not had further testing, due my case being cramped, need test system or recable existing.
  13. rschultz101

    ATI 6850

    looks like 10.6.5 is finished, they started on 10.6.6 ... that should mean, an official release is coming next.
  14. rschultz101

    ATI 6850

    for what I gathered, aserbl 1.9 no atirom, but framebuffer, graphicsenabler yes be installing chameleon first, aserebl 1.9 on top, and try vervet framebuffer,... but need to reflash mobo first,.... and don't have enough room in case, need te re-cable it, or .... 10.6.5 has kext entries, but they look backwards, and there is some sort of init needed, official combo, think be coming in 3-4 weeks. won't be great, still on opengl 2.1 .... and 1/2 the pci speed,... my mobo does not support 2 cards, that be a workaround, for gamers,...
  15. rschultz101

    ATI 6850

    currently there are no solaris drivers for ATI 6000 series GPU's,... oracle, pulled opensolaris fork support,... oracle pulled all, sun AMD server support if it was not for VDI and ZFS, it be dead. I grew up on SunOS,... right now, solaris looks promising for home NAS, since apple pulled ZFS on snow leopard. so nexenta looks good, till solaris express 11 is released,.... with an nvidia GPU. fyi, between sun,amd and tyco, lost my retirement,...