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ppc yeah but vmware dont know. ppc is like paralles for windows but ppc kinda is slow

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I'm sure a lot of other people are going to ask about this, so here's an explanation:


PearPC: A PowerPC emulation environment. It can emulate either a PowerPC G3 or G4 processor. Before OS X switched to Intel architectures, people would use this program to create a virtual environment to emulate a Mac's hardware. Unlike Parallels or VMware, it has to emulate the processor. Therefore, it's really slow.


VMware/Parallels: These programs don't emulate CPUs. They create virtual machines to run a second operating system simultaneously, taking CPU and memory resources away from the main operating system. The Intel-binary of Leopard won't work on these programs since Leopard hasn't been hacked yet.




Remember, the Leopard preview DVD is a universal binary. It can be installed on both PowerPC and Intel systems. The PowerPC binaries can only be ran on a PowerPC Mac or in an emulated PearPC environment. The Intel binaries can only be ran on official Apple computers until Leopard is hacked.


One last note: Apple recently set Leopard's PowerPC requirements as "PowerPC G4 or G5." This means that if you run PearPC, you might have to change it's configuration to emulate a G4 (it normally emulates a G3.)

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