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My Motherboard is broken on my G5, it's too expensive to change it

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My G5 bi 2.5GHz is broken.

For reparation, they ask me 1600 euros to change motherboard and processors.


I don't want to spend so much money. So I want to buy a PC motherboard and an Intel processor and put OS X on this computer.

So, I will have to reorganize a little bit what is inside my G5.


I want to install OS X on it very easily, so I want to have a very compatible motherboard and processor.


So could you please say me what I could buy (cheapest if possible) to run OS X. I just need to know what kind of motherboard I should take and what processor (ASUS? Intel Memrom like in MacMini ?). I don't want a very speed computer, but just a working OS X.


Can you say me what I have to choose to be sure that it won't be too hard to install and use OS X?


Thank you so much for this website and forums!

Sorry for my poor english...

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Hey i'm not sure if the G5 Powermac's Processors are soldered, but i don't think so.


Why don't you instead fix it? you don't need 1600 Euros!


All you have to do is check ebay...you'll find more than you think!

There's always at least one G5 Powermac Board out there.

And it's a really great way to learn about the internals of the machine that you've no doubt gotten attached to.

If you plan on using pc parts for osx86, i say forget it and repair your Motherboard. It's just not the same.




PS i'm sure you could find really detailed documentation out there on how to remove ur mobo and put in place another one. Shouldn't be too hard!

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Ok, but I think even on eBay, it's very expensive to buy a motherboard and processors. Maybe 1000 euros or near...

I don't want to spend all this money. I would prefer to sell all pieces...


I tought about this.


You said it's not the same to put a pc motherboard on the Mac. Can you explain me what are the differences? Is this very slow, very complicated?


Ths fact is that I am not so scared about adapting MacOS X to my new plateform bacause I was developping drivers for OS X few years ago (USB modem driver and firewire audio drivers).

I don't want also to loose all my free time doing this, but I am some knowledges.

But I don't know exactly what are the differences, but if you give me some reasons, I'll abort my project and just sell all pieces.


Thank you for your comment, I hope I'll find a good solution ;-)

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lol in the post i linked to the ebay auction. The auction ends like in less than a day and is at 100$. Not sure where in europe you are, but that's CHEAP!

In case you didn't notice, here's the link again:



And i mean a hacked install is, well...hacked!

It isn't supported by apple, you won't get the power of your G5, and there is no guarantee leopard will be able to be run on it when that arrives. It's a hacked version of something that will run slower with the gma950 than what you can fix for a hundred bucks. If i were you, i would go for the mobo. Heck, if you have a cinema display, you wont be able to use it (no dvi). You could build a compatible pc for 200$. The link is in the forum. It would be great to test stuff on! But it would be no match for you're machine. If anything, sell yours and get a mac pro or an imac. You're used to apple and mac and will see a huge difference going to a hacked os because it isn't the same experience. Even the little things like the beep at startup make a difference!

Take it from me. I have OS X on my laptop and my imac just is no match for it...i ENJOY using the imac. The laptop, not so much!



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If I have to buy one, I'll buy a MacMini, but the problem is that I have 2 serial ATA disks and it's not possible to plug them on the Mac Mini.

And I don't want to spend more money than 800 euros for a Mac.


So either I can customise the MacMini to take avdantage to my serial ATA disk, either it's not possible and I'll search for a PC.

200 euros is really not expensive and if I can run OS X on it, that's ok for me.


I just use my Mac as a server and to go on the net. I don't play games and do a very few things in vidéo or images.

So no problem for me if I have just a PC (200 euros).

In worst case, I can use Ubuntu.


I don't want to buy a motherboard on eBay, I have a bi 2.5GHz Mac and I don't know if it's very compatible. Mine is older. And they said the firewire does not work.

I don't want more problems with this G5.

So I have an opportunity to sell all my G5 for 600 euros and I receive 1200 euros from assurance.

But I don't want to spend all. Max is 800 for a MacMini. But if I can have a PC for 200 euros with MacOS X, it's ok, even if it's slower.


But I really search for a good pc configuration to be very compatible and to install an OS X that will work very good.

I want the best configuration to make OS 10.4.6 work on it. Not matter for 10.5, I'll see later. I want the best compatibility possible if possible.


Thank you for all your comments, it helped me a lot!

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I did not take, so I had just one year of warranty. And I am at 1 year and a half.

I think the cause is the storm...


So, I just payed 2000 euros for this G5 because Apple changed my old "very buggy" bi G5 1.8 by this one.


So my assurance is paying 1200 euros.

I found someone to take the G5 pieces.


Now, I need a computer to put OS X, but I don't want to spend a lot of money, and I am a little bit bored to deal with APPLE customer relationship, so that's another reason I want to buy a pc.

I have better relationship with my pc shop here in my town.

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