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ntfs_fixup magic doesn't match = chameleon rc5 only?

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computer boots fine, able to chose between osx and windows 7 with chameleon and both work but before chameleon gui it has this ntfs_fixup message that appears for around 2-3 seconds


chameleon rc4 i wasn't getting this message, i upgraded to rc5 because i had hibernate sleep issues with Windows 7 and rc4 didn't have boot0hfs to set windows 7 as active partition (fixed now with rc5)


using rc5 Dec 18 2010 Trunk 668 currently (i've tried other versions of rc5 and it persists) and tried rc4 again to make sure it wasn't something else, doesn't show up with rc4






0: FDisk_partition_scheme *500.1 GB disk0

1: Windows_NTFS Windows 32.2 GB disk0s1

2: Apple_HFS OSX 31.8 GB disk0s2

3: Windows_NTFS Games 62.9 GB disk0s5

4: Windows_NTFS Media 367.0 GB disk0s6

5: DOS_FAT_32 BACKUP 6.2 GB disk0s7

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Did you try running chkdsk c: /r on the drive (where c: is the Windows drive letter) ?


tried chkdsk c: /r /f and it asked to scan on next reboot so i restarted and it scanned and rebooted again to see if it was there.....still there :(


but ya RC4 it doesn't show up

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