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  1. actually i found the Dell Support Center keys are broken ? cause when i press it, no LED light while it lights in windows. i will test it with debug voodoo driver. Edit: Dell Support Center are broken, dead in Mac and windows.
  2. Already get Yoesmite installed on a usb hard drive with guide from forum, wait until this summer.
  3. i know that installer, but it supports 43xx not 5530m, basically the dsdt isn't as same like 43xx. Do u have a good result with it ?
  4. Hi all, i just install mavericks on Hp 5330m, currently i'm using chameleon cause the sleep/wake with UEFI mode, and i wonder that anyone solves the brightness issue ? i checked the dsdt, the _BCL control method is odd, there is no ten or sixteen steps under it but a register "BCL ". After google some websites, it seems that no one has a solution.
  5. okay, Apple always plays the bad trick to black apple.
  6. @TW, i just upgrade to 10.9.3 beta, the cpu turbo is broken, it doesn't reach 3.1ghz, just stays at 2.5ghz. i know i have a desktop station, how about that ?
  7. i find it in the skype history. here:http://forum.notebookreview.com/dell-xps-studio-xps/635536-l502x-modded-bioses-download-gpu-voltages-more-266.html#post9566949
  8. thx, i mean the one you posted in the forum:http://forum.notebookreview.com/, it's about amd video card.
  9. hi TW, can u send me a copy or URL of fan control application for windows ? thanks a lot.
  10. yeah, i see it in the forum, but unluckily there is a no way to achieve it only disable .
  11. so, i can draw a conclusion that it's impossible to make it work under mac os x ? EDIT: after update to 10.9.3 beta 2 version, no more mouse lag, OpenGL is higher than 10.9.3 beta1. hi tw, i just find the website for unlock bios. is that possible to disable intel hd3000 and only get AMD GPU to output ? http://forums.leshcatlabs.net/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=62
  12. i have done all the considers, the result is mouse still lags. 2&3 shouldn't cause this issue, so it might be the problem of EDID. Anyway, even AMD gets work, but performance is bad as well cause outputting is through HDMI not real LVDS. Also i use radon tool the decode the connector information from video card ROM, the result is empty just some information like device id etc.
  13. u don't need edit the config.plist, just put your video card rom to OEM folder, and change the name as clover wiki spec. then boots up into clover GUI, press clover setting, navigate to graphicsxxx, select the inject and loadVbios, manually input fb name as "Ipomoea".
  14. i do this after make it work on the first place and no more errors. u can see from picture i work only using hdmi outputting which is not real lvds connector, so even i correct agpm, i sitll get mouse lag. One mote thing, i use ati rom decode tool to get connector information from video card bios, the result is no connector info output. therefore, i think it's not possible to make hybrid GPU work properly by far. For displaymerge.kext, u can use edidfix.app, and use darwindump first to dump edid.hex info, the open edidfix, press patch edid, choose your own file and select your display type.then u will get it. the delay steam sound is normal, u can read tw'explanation, About ssdt,the latest installer package only has one inside for Intel gpu, there is a ssdt-2 for amd gpu,so, you know which you should use.