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New Parallels Beta released

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courtesy MacFixit.com


New Parallels Beta offers USB fixes; video acceleration; keyboard enhancements

Parallels has released a new beta edition of Parallels Beta for Mac OS X. The new release includes the following enhancements:


Video output improvement and acceleration

Added multi interfaces USB devices support (including Windows Mobile 2005 devices)

Added isochronous USB devices support (including WebCam devices)

Minor USB fixes

Keyboard support improvement: Eject CD key support, left/right Shift/Ctrl/Alt (Option)/Windows keys difference support

Added virtual disk cache policy option: Mac OS X performance optimized or guest OS performance optimized

Image Tool fixes

Optimized disk cache policy for Suspend/Resume feature

Windows ME Suspend/Resume fix

Shared Folders first time access acceleration

Clipboard synchronization tool fixes (unreadable symbols sometimes added during copy and paste)

Sound playback improvement

Sound recording improvement

Minor Full Screen mode fixes

"Unable to allocate virtual memory" during virtual machine power on fix

Minor GUI fixes and improvements

Solaris doesn’t work with more than one virtual disk fix

The new release is available as a 24.3 MB download.



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I've been running this version.


I only have one weirdness with it... whenever I close it, my mouse goes insane randomly clicking on things for a couple of minutes.


Funny to watch, annoying in practice.

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Hmm so other people are having this problems as well. I was talking with Roga earlier trying to see if I could help out as my Parallels is working fine. Question to both of you, Roga you said you were using it on your Dell, do you have SSE3 on your CPU? Xtraktion, what about you, do you have an SSE3 system? What about video, do you have CI/QE enabled? Running any Mousepose type software to correct graphics artifacts?

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