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IOS development on non graphics accelerated hackintosh?

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OK so I made the mistake on jumping on a laptop (Lenovo S10-3T) without actually fully doing my research. Unfortunately, I can't afford another laptop. After realizing certain functions (wifi, graphics, touchscreen) won't work on my laptop (at least for now) I was wondering if theres still hope for IOS development on my hackintosh? The system requirements on apples webpage arent very specific, but basically sound like it should work for me. Before I pay the $100 or whatever it is for a developers license to obtain the IOS SDK, I want to see if it will be worth the trouble.


As of right now, I'm assuming that without graphics drivers, most graphic intensive stuff wont work (3d, acclerated graphics, etc) but I was wondering if I could make simple apps on my hackintosh. Ive never coded before and dont know much about IOS development as it is, but want to learn and hope that maybe I can, using this hackintoshed laptop.


I figure I wont be able to use anything graphic intensive (games, video, etc) but maybe I can develop basic apps withi it, such as ones that don't require anything intensive on graphics.


a few key points on my current setup:


10.6 snow leopard (soon to be 10.6.4)

2gb ram

100+ free HD space

keyboard, mouse, sound works

currently only working at 1024x600 resolution (not sure if IOS SDK works at certain resolution, or gets cut off at mine, etc?) BUT for the most part, OSX works really well, and fast despite not having the graphics acceleration


would the iphone simulator work as well? if not, maybe I could just use the iphone itself to test my apps? (probably not as convenient)


any info on this would be much appreciated. thanks :(

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Hi unvaluablespace,


Should be fine for what you want to do. My card (x4500) is likely to never have acceleration on OS X, however I've been able to develop iPhone apps. Screen size wise, the iPhone 4 simulator is a little cutoff by the dock at my resolution (1680x1050 IIRC), but hiding it does the trick. The normal iPhone simulator works fine.


You can download the latest publicly available iOS SDK from developer.apple.com/iphone for free :P! To see if it works for you before you pay. The program membership only allows you app submission and testing on real devices, as well as giving you access to the betas.


Good luck!


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Thanks so much for the info! I just registered to be an apple developer (i had no idea i could download and try it before paying! AWESOME!) ill download it tonight before I go to bed *2.4 gb? HOLY HELL! LOL*


Sounds like my current setup is going to get cutoff by my limited resolution (1024x600). even if I cant use the simulator to its full potential, at least the SDK will give me a better idea whether it would be worth to bother paying the fee to submit apps or even test out on actual hardware! ill try it out tomorrow! THanks again.

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If you say you have never coded before, maybe instead of jumping into the deep end with ObjC or C++, try something easier like javascript or actionscript to get a basic understanding of programming concepts.

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Yes it's possible to develop without graphics acceleration.

But forget OpenGL development (If it's the first time you program something you won't need OpenGL).

Correct resolution is a + for development because you can see more code.


But don't worry it's work fine without gfx acceleration.

And good luck for the next. ;)

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