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  1. GMA3150 Bootloader by meklort

    Mohamed Khairy you rock! I've been baffled about updating my laptop to a newer version! When I tried to update to 10.6.4, it just kept restarting my system at the apple logo. On 10.6.5, it did absolutely nothing but froze in a locked state at the apple logo. With your replies to Shourijo, I simply downloaded the atom 10.5 patch and applied via your directions to my already updated 10.6.5 drive (using my "test disk" 10.6.0 version on flash drive) and I'm back up and running! Am going to try the 3150 next. Thanks!
  2. iPoco, Thanks so much for the info! I just registered to be an apple developer (i had no idea i could download and try it before paying! AWESOME!) ill download it tonight before I go to bed *2.4 gb? HOLY HELL! LOL* Sounds like my current setup is going to get cutoff by my limited resolution (1024x600). even if I cant use the simulator to its full potential, at least the SDK will give me a better idea whether it would be worth to bother paying the fee to submit apps or even test out on actual hardware! ill try it out tomorrow! THanks again.
  3. OK so I made the mistake on jumping on a laptop (Lenovo S10-3T) without actually fully doing my research. Unfortunately, I can't afford another laptop. After realizing certain functions (wifi, graphics, touchscreen) won't work on my laptop (at least for now) I was wondering if theres still hope for IOS development on my hackintosh? The system requirements on apples webpage arent very specific, but basically sound like it should work for me. Before I pay the $100 or whatever it is for a developers license to obtain the IOS SDK, I want to see if it will be worth the trouble. As of right now, I'm assuming that without graphics drivers, most graphic intensive stuff wont work (3d, acclerated graphics, etc) but I was wondering if I could make simple apps on my hackintosh. Ive never coded before and dont know much about IOS development as it is, but want to learn and hope that maybe I can, using this hackintoshed laptop. I figure I wont be able to use anything graphic intensive (games, video, etc) but maybe I can develop basic apps withi it, such as ones that don't require anything intensive on graphics. a few key points on my current setup: 10.6 snow leopard (soon to be 10.6.4) 2gb ram 100+ free HD space keyboard, mouse, sound works currently only working at 1024x600 resolution (not sure if IOS SDK works at certain resolution, or gets cut off at mine, etc?) BUT for the most part, OSX works really well, and fast despite not having the graphics acceleration would the iphone simulator work as well? if not, maybe I could just use the iphone itself to test my apps? (probably not as convenient) any info on this would be much appreciated. thanks
  4. Running Hackintosh in public place

    "Well, I'm not supposed to say, or Apple may fire me, but I guess just ONE person would be OK... This is the new Macbook (insert silly Steve Jobs-ish name here). It's a prototype Steve is supposed to unveil at a yet to be announced Mac event slated for (typical apple event) 2011." And, if im feeling like a TOTAL jerk, go on about it being a touchscreen mac in prototype phase, and go through the trouble of showing how the graphics and touch screen dont work properly. "Well, it IS in prototype phase..." I'm running a Lenovo S10-3t
  5. Broadcom BCM4313 and BCM57780 on Lenovo S10-3t

    Hoping VampireHunter_D or someone with driver developing skills sees this.... http://news.techworld.com/operating-system...iver-for-linux/ just came across this earlier. Unfortunately I have no knowledge or skill in anything like this, so hoping someone will find this and make it useful. Would it be possible for someone to make a working driver for OS X now with a source code for these wireless chipsets?
  6. Hi guys. This forum seems pretty well informed, and I figured since most of you here can hackintosh, and multi-boot multiple OS's, then hopefully someone can help me. I bought a Lenovo S10-3t several months back from a local store. I'll spare you all the "it's great/it sucks" details here and get right into it... I was wondering if its at all possible to clean install Windows 7 (Starter, specifically) through the use of the product keys, like the sticker on the underside of my laptop, or even the one obtained through the "magical jellybean keyfinder" software. I have attempted to contact Lenovo several times to request some sort of upgrade disc, minus all the bloatware but for whatever reason Lenovo hasn't even returned me back with a "thank you for submitting your question" type of courtesy email, let alone an answer to my question. haha. Anyways, I'm the type that likes to clean install every now and again. I HATE BLOATWARE! My problem in this is because I thought 7 would be at least ALMOST as easy as xp when it came to this sort of thing. After buying the laptop I read several reviews recommending to clean install, and even upgrade to professional to take advantage of extra features. I upgraded through the use of "Windows Anytime Upgrade" system on the laptop. I should have done more research I thought for sure I could do this and clean install. Also, I was hoping to multi-boot my laptop between osx and 7, and read up that clean installing 7 makes things so much easier. so, is this possible? Is there some sort of windows 7 starter installer I need to google and find? I don't want to buy a "full install" copy of 7 if I don't have too, especially after spending money on the computer itself, plus the $130 or whatever it was for the professional upgrade.... any help on this would be much appreciated. thanks
  7. Broadcom BCM4313 and BCM57780 on Lenovo S10-3t

    so im guessing theres nothing new on this front? unfortunately i cant afford switching to another laptop. i already paid for this one. its my own fault for jumping the gun: i had thought that the whole hackintosh scene had alot more drivers and flexibility. i should have done my research more with this laptop before i purchased it. its too bad. i pretty much have given up on this, but i look around through these forums for updates, and google, but to no avail.
  8. dual boot windows 7 & snow leopard?

    yeah but thats the problem. install windows how? i only have a restore cd lol. i got the windows 7 starter key using the magic jellybean keyfinder though. is there a special install disc i can get to clean install windows 7 starter?
  9. dual boot windows 7 & snow leopard?

    no one has any ideas? ive tried googling, and this site but no clue. if i could at least figure out some way to use the oem starter key with a install disc to do a fresh, clean install, im sure i could figure out the rest myself. i paid for the professional upgrade via windows anytime upgrade. if theres no way to do a clean install using the starter key, could i do so using the professional upgrade key? any help on this would be greatly appreciated guys. thanks
  10. I really need some help to accomplish this. I dont know what else to do. so I basically probably have several questions within this one thread. my system: Lenovo s10-3t i know this system isnt fully compatible with snow leopard, but ive been able to get it up and running, and i have to say, snow leopard seems to work better often times on this laptop than windows 7. i want do to this for now so its already up and running, installed and maybe in the future if more hardware becomes compatible for this machine i can simply do what i need to do for it. anyways, my problem lies in the fact that the windows 7 that came with the pc is starter edition, with only a manufacturer restore disc, not a windows 7 install disc. when i use the restore disc, it wants to format (erasing ALL CONTENTS on the hard drive). when i get snow leopard up and running and ready to install, it wants to format the drive to make it snow leopard compatible, meaning that will erase it as well. when i first got the laptop, i read up about upgrading to windows 7 professional to take advantage of its features for the laptop. i did so using the windows anytime upgrade method built into starter. id assume my conflict wouldnt be so hard if there was some sort of way to fresh clean install windows 7, unfortunately im guessing the keys for the starter and windows anytime upgrade to professional dont work with a disc install. maybe someone knows some way to clean install using my existing keys? id rather do it this way anyway. the bloatware that came with the laptop slowed the system down so much lol. my other attempt was to try and take the windows 7 installed onto the hard disk after using the system restore cds and make a disk image out of it. however, i cant figure out how to properly format or mount the images onto a different partition within the opposite OS. for example, i cant figure out how to mount the disk image for windows 7 onto the second partition within snow leopard, and cant figure out how to mount the disk image for snow leopard from within windows 7. is there anything i can do? any help on this would be appreciated. and sorry if i havent clarified well enough. feel free to ask any questions if theres any details i left out.
  11. Broadcom BCM4313 and BCM57780 on Lenovo S10-3t

    any new info on this? ive practically given up. i know the graphics drivers for my s10-3t isnt full accelleration. but for light usage, i still wouldve gone through if we could just get a working wireless card. :-\ i miss having osx on my laptop lol.
  12. Broadcom BCM4313 and BCM57780 on Lenovo S10-3t

    hey i got curious and played around a bit with the card so i removed the bcm from the wifi slot and put the atheros card in there. it doesnt fit, but the computer still detected it. bypassed bios fine, windows 7 immediately installed drivers and it was ready to go by the time desktop loaded lol. snow leopard is a diff story. i looked for hacked drivers and i guess i must not have paid enough attention before but only a few people are able to get it to work for some reason. i am one of the many who didnt lol. even after hacked kext for the card lol. but at least i know your bios trick worked. lol unfortunately cant use it in the wifi slot as it sticks out the bottom and doesnt stay there unless i hold it. haha. back to bcm i guess. rather have somethin that fits. how come it only works on one side though? does the other pci slot have to be modified as well?
  13. Broadcom BCM4313 and BCM57780 on Lenovo S10-3t

    Tried that bios this morning, followed your directions to the T, but still at reboot, got the error about the card. Even tried pressing F1 to resume. Still nothin. Least it didn't brick my laptop. I meant to mention before, but forgot, and I'm notsure if it matters anyway, but the wifi card is about twice in length as the bcm4313, so it has to go in the spare slot (my store bought s10-3t doesn't have Bluetooth or 3g card or whatever.) so it won't fit in the smaller wifi module slot. I do remember however that the slot the bcm card fits in says error remove wifi card, while the othe slot just says card. ? Oh well, good try. Thanks for the trouble vampirehunter_D
  14. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    hey i was wondering if there was any way to get my BCM4313 wireless N card working? ive tried your script but to no avail (maybe i did it wrong?) although terminal said it was succesful & i rebooted. no luck so i tried adding in the device & vendor ids myself, but no luck with that either (maybe i did that wrong too lol, but snow leopard booted up fine without no erros lol) lastly, i tried the whole rebranding trick with ubuntu but my card wasnt listed. are there any other hacks or tricks i could try? another user on this forum, Vampirehunter_D seems to know some hacking and such, and even has a forum where he managed to get the ethernet card working via a modified kext, but so far no luck with wifi. crossing my fingers for him and myself lol. by the way, im using an S10-3T lenovo laptop. thanks alot.
  15. Broadcom BCM4313 and BCM57780 on Lenovo S10-3t

    hey i got those id's you needed! i was thinking against this, since id rather have the wifi card that came with my s10-3t working, but if you wouldnt mind doing that hacked bios for me for the atheros card, ill juse use that until you or someone else figures out the wifi problem for the bcm4313 card. anyways, the card is an Atheros AR5BXB63, its vender id is: 168C, and its device id is: 001C. what would i have to do in order to use this hacked bios btw? and just for curiousities sake, if i wanted to look into this bios information myself, are there any programs or tools to allow me to do so? hopefully something thats safe lol. of course im not stupid enough to click the "write bios" button without knowing what im doing, but if its some program that automatically edits or does it on the fly lol. and, are there any sort of bios tools for snow leopard? thanks. one last thing, i noticed the card on the bcm is labeled as "BCM84313HMG2L" is there any difference between this card and the bcm4313 your working on? im pretty sure there the same, but the "9" in there threw me off lol. anyways, thanks for all your work, vampirehunter_D. if there is anything you need, like testing wise, etc. id be glad to help, since i REALLY want my wireless N card to work lol.