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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Do you still have your old bios's for this board, your dropbox links are all dead and it would be good to have a known working base to reference against. I'll comb through the Ozmosis thread tomorrow. I had reasonable experience working with the custom bios for the old EP45-UD3* boards and 10.6 so custom bios sounds like a fun challenge. From what I've seen it shouldn't be that difficult to get it working, plenty of documentation and discussion. Its far easier these days with dual bios. Thanks.
  2. Been out of the scene since 10.8 and I've come back to find this incredible set of UEFI tricks! Great work xpamamadeus. I flashed this earlier today as part of my efforts to get 10.10 working and retire my 10.8 and 10.6 installs completely. Is that bios the 'full' Ozmosis as posted by xp or does it require clover like your sig suggests? Couldn't see or boot to any vanillia yosemite install media, but have managed to install and boot using clover 2953 on a separate drive. I boot with 'BIOS' dsdt and clover mostly off, and the system is working perfectly (gpus, both NICs, sound, forced and unforced sleep and wake, Appstore etc). Booting in about 2 seconds after clover, so Im interested to see if I can boot with Ozmosis to remove clover from the picture completely. I do get the firewire GUID error.
  3. Scottapotamas

    iOS 4 on other ARM v7 based devices

    Good luck... but just unpacking wouldn't really acomplish that much in the way of porting... you would need to 'obtain' a copy of the source code to change the drivers and such. The processor is made by samsung, but its not a hummingbird or snapdragon I don't think... Its like saying a mac has a nVidia card, so other nVidias will work... But I agree with the whole 'we need to explore other options' thing... I just can't see it being possible without said source code... Thats the major factor thats needed to port, eg Android was ported to iPhone hardware.
  4. UPDATE: Rewritten after fininding out my ints and chars were unsigned and saves to SQL instead. Thanks
  5. Scottapotamas

    "laptops for education"

    sounds dodgy... If it was a edu program, why the hell would they use a referral system? Also, if it was based on education students, they would most definitely check if that person is actually attending etc. The TOS show that the only info needed is school name, address and other details... Smells fishy.
  6. Scottapotamas

    iOS 4 on other ARM v7 based devices

    It's not quite that easy... Its a great idea, and many people have thought of it before, theres just a few 'little' issues... iOS is not just OSX with a different UI... you say it yourself, "for a different architechture" which would imply a full rewrite. Which would be a waste of apple's resources. What I think you mean is that iOS is loosly based on OSX, and uses the same language and such. iOS does not use .kexts... and the drivers are really specific, so that knocks your platforms down to ones with exactly the same hardware... What you may have also overlooked, is that iOS devices run apps that are armv6 and armv7. A binary with both is considered 'fat' and will support the devices with processors that aren't the A4. A4 only apps (ie armv7) are considered slim and will only run on iPhone4, iPT4 and iPad. I believe (but not certain) that only apps compiled only for armv7 would run. This would also introduce issues in the OS, because I think the OS has a bit of a mix between the versions. On a slightly different note, Android can be run on iPhone, but this is only because android is opensource, and so devs can get the actual code and tweak the os and recompile. No one but apple have the source code to any iOS build (that im aware of...) [EDIT]: And who would bother putting iOS on another handset? You can get an iPhone/iPod which is update proof, stable, and almost certainly easier that hacking it on something else... And that something else would probably run something like android, WebOS or MeeGo... none of which are really that bad.
  7. Scottapotamas

    Iphone SDK on Leopard?

    You are talking about 3.1.4. we are talking about xcode 4 beta (its up to 5 now) And here's a little resource for everyone, need a developer licence http://connect.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObject...oa/wa/downloads You can get all the previous versions of everything way back to the 10.1 version of xcode...
  8. Scottapotamas

    iPhone -> iPad

    another idea for you if you want a bigger screen. there are screen sharing apps to share the iphobe screen to a computer, and get a multitouch display that or iphone simulator and awesome muktitouch monitor another idea for you if you want a bigger screen. there are screen sharing apps to share the iphobe screen to a computer, and get a multitouch display that or iphone simulator and awesome muktitouch monitor
  9. Scottapotamas

    iPhone -> iPad

    You would also have issues with the software. iPhone OS is different to iPad OS.... Look through the iFixit teardowns for a better look
  10. Basically, I have an universal application, which is all set up and fine, but if I change anything, or change a build target, the resulting app gets the normal MainWindow and MainWindow-iPad files mixed up. It results in a completely unuseable interface. Here's the interesting bit, a second build is perfectly fine. Anyone know how to fix this issue, I can't build for AppStore and test the .app for the issue (certificate for appstore won't work on device etc) and I don't want to submit a update to apple with a screwed interface (the update needs to be out asap. I have specified the iPad base nib in the application info.plist. I can lose a few days with the forums getting it right the first time, but not 3+ weeks in review, hoping the right interface file is being loaded for the right device. Thanks
  11. If you say you have never coded before, maybe instead of jumping into the deep end with ObjC or C++, try something easier like javascript or actionscript to get a basic understanding of programming concepts.
  12. Scottapotamas

    CUDA GPU for Mac recommendation, Oct 2010

    last i knew, not really... A good card can give a good OpenCL rating, but that's not much use, because nothing really uses openCL.
  13. Scottapotamas

    Iphone SDK on Leopard?

    You cannot run XCODE 4 on Leopard. It explicitly requires snowleopard. Installing it shouldn't be too hard. Search the forums And to Wa7ed Men el NaSS, There are a few issues with XCODE 4, not xcode 3.2.x with iOS4, because i believe it changes a driver or two somewhere. You appear to be having a kernel panic. Boot your hackintosh into verbose mode (-v from the text line) and tell/post an image of the text that shows on the panic.
  14. Bit complex, but here i go (may be slightly wrong in some bits) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360_hard...processing_unit Also read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerPC It has some advantages over x86, x64 etc that make it more suitable for gaming. In other words, the PowerPC chip is still capable, has effective floating point capabilities and no dependancy on Intel or AMD, this means no licensing fees (that i know of). The only reason Apple switched was because going to intel at that time would allow native windows. It also provided better speed boost because the PPC tech was becoming bottlenecked and limited.
  15. Scottapotamas

    New iOS App | Ball-TRaCK

    Hi guys, Just released an iPhone/iPod Touch app. It was a test with some new development tools and processes. Check it out at http://itunes.apple.com/app/ball-track/id383569803?mt=8 or visit my website's project page http://www.26oclock.com/blog Thoughts or suggestions? (version 1.0 is a tad buggy in the menus and over extended gameplay for some reason. A fix has been developed and submitted to apple. v1.1 should be live in the next day or so.)