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Something hogging my cpu!


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Ok i had to reinstall my osx due to me messing it up :angel:


But now after ive reinstalled (Same iso, same method which is vmware) My install is extremly slow, And there is a ''Kernal_task'' Hogging 80+ Of my cpu.


I read on the forum about deleting an ''appletpm'' Or something like that File but i cant find it anywhere in my install.


So if you guys have any idea's id be greatful :D


Amd athlon 64 3400

asus k8n Mobo

Nvidia geforce 6200

1 gb ram



(The boot time is very slow compared to before also)

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I have the same problem. Kernal_task took about 70% CPU usage and i thought its because of my AMD processor.


I have 2 dual AMD opteron 270 processor and in one of my processor kernal_task took about 70%-80%. I was not really happy seeing this happening. I had the windows sharing turn on.


So, other than windows sharing is there any other problem that would trigger kernal_cpu to hog the cpu that much.



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