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  1. EDIT: Found it! I cant find this on the demon....any help :S
  2. It was probly a video driver problem i get them sometimes (different install disks) Just remove them and it should be fine.
  3. Front Man Force PC (Gericom) Install

    Are you installing the right kernal? what panics are you getting?
  4. Ive noticed that the video quality for me when i export movies is poor in quicktime, But when i put it to dvd its great. Maybe its just a quicktime thing?
  5. Major Problem !

    Dude! That worked perfect thankyou so freakin much!
  6. Major Problem !

    Ok Im trying to shoot a small section of movies with a friend but when i try to capture the video onto my computer (xp and os x) I get a strange liney effect on the video and i cant seem to stop it! If anyone knows what it is could you please help its driving me nuts! heres a screenshot
  7. ABC Investigation: Emos exposed

    Thats makes to of us!
  8. Samsung VP-D130 MiniDV

    Im looking for a cheapish camcorder cause im sick of using my digicam for videos! So i was wondering if anyone has this camera and if its anygood? Thanks
  9. Yeh tell me about it! I have black darker versions of the wallpaper anyway
  10. No thats not old. Id go with the one you downloaded if you already have it.
  11. Are you a virgin?

    Lost mine at 15. 4 days before my 16th lol
  12. Make that 4, Thats H.O.T
  13. My first aprils fool..Already!

    wow ok i think you misunderstand. Shes a chav, I wouldnt degrade myself by going out with a chav. I dont get the calender impaired thing cause where i am its april the first. I fooled HER into thinking that i was shot, and yes you would have to be an idiot to believe it.