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[Guide] Flawless Dell Optiplex GX280 install

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This is my first guide so im sorry about it if its not right.

I will add pictures later ;) .


Ok first start off by obviously booting from the iAtkos V7 disk, tapp F12 to get to the multiboot selection menu.


One booted from the disk you are met with the iAtkos screen, click continue and wait for the finder bar to show.


When you can go to utilities then disk utility.


Now you need to select which drive you want to install to, or you can select which partition. Select it, then click the erase tab and erase as Mac OS Extended (journaled) with the name Mac


Now once it has erased, close disk utilities and follow the window until it asks where you want to install to, select your drive but hit 'Customise', not install.


It will ask you what patches you want to install. untick them all and select the following:


iAtkos Main System

Bootloader = Chameleon V2

X86 Patches = /Extra Directory


= Disabler


Decrypter = Apple Decrypt

SMBIOS (smbios for X86) = Apple Netkas

Kernel = 9.5.0 Voodoo Kernel

ACPI = Apic driver

Drivers =USB

(VGA) = Intel

System (sata/ide) = Intel

Sound = Voodoo HDA

PS/2 = Apple PS/2 Driver

Network (wired) = Intel


Then just install


(you are not done yet)



Once its installed, reboot the system and it should boot from the harddrive and take you through the setup process. finish that then you have a fully working Mac ;) .



Once installed do a little g00gle search and download the AppleAC97 kext and install it using kexthelper b7, this will get the sound card working.


hope you find it easy to follow



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I have 2 of those machines and was able to get mac installed on one but it was so long ago and system wasn't so stable.  Issue I kept having was I couldn't get sleep/wake to work, is there a patched DSDT for this? Also I was trying to use a gpu instead of the integrated graphics which is gma.

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