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  1. Apologies to all if this is the wrong section. Essentially I'm about to use a PowerMac G5 case for my home built rig, but I need to replace the cable for the front panel to work on a normal mobo. Is there a place I can buy the pre-made cables in the UK? Thanks, Lewis
  2. I've successfully installed Yosemite on my ProBook 4340s, and used ProBook installer to finalise the install, which installed Clover for me. Everything works fine except the backlight. If I use Chimera to boot, the backlight works. Any idea what needs to be changed? PBI does the DSDT patching for us.
  3. abtekk

    10.8.5 update broke install

    If I remove all the nvidia kexts and nvenabler, the system boots. If they're there, the system crashes and reboots its self. However in 10.8.2, the graphics worked and I had QE/CI.
  4. I installed 10.8.2 from iAtkos ML2 and had a fully working system. However since this update I can't boot in to regular mode, it starts to load the login screen, crashes and reboots. Then the BIOS says there was a PCI error, which I'm assuming is relating to my graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 3000 GS). If I boot with -x, it works. Is there any way I can get the graphics working again?
  5. Currently I have just installed Niresh 10.9 on my HP Workstation xw6400 and the install goes through perfect. The first login works and the Niresh system does its first-boot charm. But after a restart, the system boots and then crashes after typing in my password to log in. However, if I boot with -x, the system loads fine and doesn't crash. How can we debug this?
  6. Hey all. I've installed Mac OS on a HP Compaq nx7400 and have a near-perfect system. WiFi works internally, Ethernet works, Dual Core works, everything but sleep. Removing the nullcpu kext doesn't seem to get it working. Will a DSDT edit need to be put in place? Thanks, abtekk
  7. All of a sudden (since creating a fake recovery partition for findmymac), chameleon is booting in 1024x768 recolution instead of my native 1280x800. Is there a way of getting it to boot properly, again? Thanks, Abtekk.
  8. Hey guys, Is it possible to enable QE on an Intel GMA950 within Lion using DSDT edits? My system is a HP Compaq NC6320. If it's possible, can anyone help me do it? I've attached my DSDT.
  9. Hi Allan, I use the Chameleon 2.1 install from the iAtkos L2 disk. Also, yes I tried to repair permissions. Is there a script/app that will patch AICPM?
  10. I've installed Lion on my system (HP Compaq NC6320), and I've got everything working, except Dual Core. I've patched AICPM, and removed NullCPU but I'm getting the following screen when booting Dual Core: "No HPETs available... CPU(s) configured incorrectly" and it spits out a lot of {censored} about AICPM. (trying to get a picture) Can anyone help? EDIT: Fixed. I had to patch my DSDT with the Intel GMA950 patch found with DSDTEditor. This allowed me to enable the second core.
  11. I've managed to get my system fully set up as a Hackintosh (HP Compaq NC6320), but if I enable the Dual Core mode in my BIOS, the system won't boot. It'll keep going on about some SATA error or something. I also have no HPET option in my BIOS, is tehre anything I can do to get it enabled?
  12. abtekk

    No backlight after boot

    Okay. I have the backlight working but OS X won't get passed the Apple Logo now. -v -f just reverts to a black screen and the mouse cursor periodically appears.
  13. I've managed to install Lion (iAtkos L2) and get it to boot, but my LCD backlight goes out when OS X boots. It's a HP Compaq NC6320 (Intel GMA950). Any ideas?
  14. I've managed to do a successful iAtkos L2 install on a HP Compaq NC6320 but I'm getting the below: Is there a fix? I had to install the 32bit RTC from the customise menu or else I get a Kernel Panic. I'm booting with the following flags: GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v -f Booting in to Safe Mode or Single User get's me nowhere.
  15. Is there a safe method of installing iAtkos ML2 from USB with no access to another OS X computer? Thanks, Lewis