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Links for the Weekend: August 5-6

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Introducing "Links for the Weekend," a weekly feature to help pass those lazy, hazy, crazy weekend days of summer (or winter).


Looking for a brand new, ultra fast browser that now supports spell checking as you type? Search no further than Mozilla’s new Firefox 2 Beta 1... Another newly released app is Twisted Melon’s Mira 1.1.6 (Free Demo) which gives you “personal control for your Apple Remote” with all your favorite applications... New hybrid hard drive tech will allow for faster, safer, and less power-hungry storage for notebooks... If you're jealous of the iMac’s capability to magnetically hold the Apple Remote in place, don't miss this tip for all MacBook owners... And for the ultra-paranoid who use nothing less than a random 64 digit password, here’s your spot.


If you missed some interesting Forum posts this week, we'll help you catch up: The guys over at Tom’s Hardware were able to create a silent, liquid cooled PC filled with 8 gallons of cooking oil, for which they created a guide... If you haven’t found it yet, the Photography forum has a new sticky, “Your Greatest Photos,” a place for everyone to upload their Pulizter-ready shots... In the new Blog area, Colonel’s Corner revealed Colonel’s Paint 1.0, to easily create shapes, text, and then print off your work of art... And finally, when compared to this Dell, has your MacBook really gotten all that hot?

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