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Installed using iAtkos Snow Leopard, images all stretched

chris weiler

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I managed to install iAtkos snow leopard v2, everything went smoothly, Sound works and so does wireless,

but my problem is that the images are all stretched and I cannot change my resolution.

I have tried to change the resolution using SwitchResX and DisplayConfigX but neither of them work at all,

they wont even add it to the menu.


I tried adding 1920x1080 to the boot.plist which helped a little bit, it made the images smaller, but they are still stretched.


I am using an eMachines ET1831, my graphics card is an nvidia geforce 7050.


If anyone could give me some help on how to fix this issue it would be great!




Btw not sure if its necessary but my monitor is an LG W2343T and its 23"





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He told you already the answer, the graphics card will not work. Unless you change your graphics card to a compatible one. Running in VM is not really using the native gfx acceleration.


Hope you consider replacing your gfx card.

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He told you already the answer

This happens all the time all over the forum.


Some people straight up ignore perfectly valid answers written in plain English just because they don't like them, or because the solution given, which is sometimes the only solution, is not a simple one.


Sometimes there is no "easy" way.




A virtual machine is just that, a virtual machine. You can't compare what happens inside a virtual environment to what happens (or doesn't happen) when you install an OS on actual hardware.


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