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  1. Hi there, I have an Asus N53SN-XR2, exact same specs as the original poster however I have 16gb of RAM. I have followed the instructions exactly, however cannot get to install, it instantly restarts upon displaying "Starting darwin x86_64" any help would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: Got a new boot disk, now I get abit further, gets to [com_lnx2mac_realtekrtl81xx] then it hangs on a grey screen with grey lines through it
  2. Hi there, This is the third hackintosh I have built, however it is the first on a laptop. I have an ASUS N53SN-XR2, the specs are as follows. 16gb DDR3 RAM 750gb Hard Drive Intel HD 3000 Integrated graphics nVidia 2gb GeForce 550m (Wont ever work, I know) Intel Core i7 processor I have followed a guide on this website and was able to get snow leopard up and running using myHack. After installing Snow Leopard Retail 10.6.3 I proceeded to update to 10.6.6, from there I made a backup of that harddrive in case anything goes wrong. After installing 10.6.6 combo update, I proceeded to use the UpdateHelper in order to proceed and install the 10.6.8 combo update in order to enable intel HD 3000 integrated graphics as apparently its only enabled in lion and 10.6.8 (if anyone can tell me how to do so on 10.6.6 and forget about updating, please let me know) After updating to 10.6.8 it seemed that all went well (no KP during install like it did before UpdateHelper), until I booted it up. At first it got stuck at PCI Configuration, however I went onto the working 10.6.6 partition and used myFix on the problem drive. Now I am getting stuck at "refusing new kext com.apple.iokit.IOUSBFamily, v3.8.5: already have loaded v9.9.9" I don't know what the problem is here, everything I do seems to just get it one step closer to failing. I have tried using myHack to create a lion usb stick however it reboots my computer after starting from disk, same with iatkos. I have tried to update to Lion from inside 10.6.6 however I am greeted with an error stating I must have a core i3, i5 or i7 or something like that, so I looked for a fix. The fix I found was using ###### to change my identifier to MacPro3,1 and still nothing, the exact same error. I have tried to run in safe mode using -x however I get a Kernel Panic stating "pmap_steal_memory"@/Users/nawcom/Builds/xnu-1504.9.26/osfmk/vm/vm_resident.c:757 This same exact pmap_steal_memory error happens when trying to boot the still working 10.6.6 partition in safe mode. If ANYONE knows how to get by this error that I am getting it would be much appreciated, and if you need any more information please let me know!
  3. chris weiler

    Installed using iAtkos Snow Leopard, images all stretched

    I was looking for an answer to my question, not someone to tell me to do what i was already doing
  4. chris weiler

    Installed using iAtkos Snow Leopard, images all stretched

    it worked no problem when running under vmware
  5. hey, I managed to install iAtkos snow leopard v2, everything went smoothly, Sound works and so does wireless, but my problem is that the images are all stretched and I cannot change my resolution. I have tried to change the resolution using SwitchResX and DisplayConfigX but neither of them work at all, they wont even add it to the menu. I tried adding 1920x1080 to the boot.plist which helped a little bit, it made the images smaller, but they are still stretched. I am using an eMachines ET1831, my graphics card is an nvidia geforce 7050. If anyone could give me some help on how to fix this issue it would be great! Btw not sure if its necessary but my monitor is an LG W2343T and its 23" Thanks!
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    MSi G31TM-P21 - DO NOT TRY

    thank you for the warning
  7. chris weiler

    Can't create user acount

    I have this same problem
  8. chris weiler

    iPC installation problem

    i am getting this same error
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    How to get a < $ 266.00 Dollar Hackintosh netbook running perfectly!

    sounds like a good idea to me, might give it a try on my old netbook