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Working Realtek 8111E support


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That driver supports :

Support for the following Realtek chips:

RTL8168 / RTL8168B / RTL8168C

RTL8111 / RTL8111B / RTL8111C / RTL8111CP / RTL8111D / RTL8111D(L) / RTL8111DP / RTL8111E


See these posts for comparisons between the two.




Seems the real major drawback from Realtek's driver is the loss of connection after wake.

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I installed the driver and it runs fine so far on 10.6.4 / 64 bit.

I have found two drawbacks:



1. it doesn't support WOL when you have shut down the PC (i have never got that working but just installed another NIC for that...), so i don't complain but just noticed.


2. afer starting a packet capture with wireshark, it looses network connectivity. i would assume

this is related with enabling / disabling promiscous mode. Network connectivity can be restored with

ifconfig en0 down

ifconfig en0 up


over all, i can live with it, and it gives me a benefit because bonjour / multicast ist working.




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