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  1. I don't have any sleep wake issues with the 560 Ti. The problem is performance. Trying to patch AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext has been a problem. OpenCL works as well as OpenGL but the card is very choppy. Keeps throttling up and down and stuttering.
  2. I believe you only need Netkas' patch for anything over 2GB. My 560Ti has 2GB and OpenCL works. I do however have lots of issues with the 560Ti and I did apply Netkas' patch but it had no effect. I also have OpenGL problems as well. Very frustrating. I may try the 660Ti or perhaps a 570 or 580. I was never a big ATI fan but it appears Apple may eventually drop Nvidia so perhaps it's better to go with ATI from this point forward.
  3. @notshy Did you try the SATA3 ports on your motherboard? Seems you have two Marvell SATA3 ports. I have my SSD drive attached and I can achieve 6 GB Link speeds.
  4. 33k on Geekbench. impressive. How well does it run? I've always had Gigabyte boards.
  5. kdawg

    USB 3.0 OSX Support By Caldigit

    You should check out this link for firmware updates to both chips.
  6. Does anyone know the device and vendor IDs for CalDigit's USB3 card? I want to try and bin patch their new driver v1.3.1
  7. UPDATE 8/3/2011: I see CalDigit released an updated driver for Lion v1.3.1
  8. So by rewriting IOUSBFamily will this negate the need for a patched third party driver for say… the NEC controller the Gigabyte boards come with? EDIT: Using the new IOUSBFamily kext eith 10.6.8 gave me kernel panics on boot. Had to revert back.
  9. After using the PC-EFI 10.6 installer did you replace the boot file with the Lion compatible version? Depending on your GFX card I would try to use DSDT to enable graphics.
  10. Anyone run tests with 10.7?
  11. Got it running. See here
  12. I was able to get past this hurdle. I had to use Netkas's PCEFI for Lion. Use the 10.6 installer from here. Then swap out the boot file from here. Very kludge but it works. Not sure why people have been hanging at this particular spot. To avoid the long kext loading process add Usekernelcache=Yes to your apple.com.boot.plist then move all your kexts out of E/E and into S/L/E and rebuild with the latest Kext Wizard or Kext Utility. Good Luck. My Lion install works as good as 10.6.8.
  13. I'm in the same situation. I'll let you know if I make any progress.
  14. I'm in the same predicament.