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It works for me both natively and via. VMWare (I use the 10.4.6 Goatsecx ISO)


Here's My Setup:


Processor: AMD Opteron 148 [2.2GHz] (64-Bit w/ SSE3 & 1MB Cache)

RAM: 2x512MB Crucial PC3200

Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo4-F

Graphics Card: Sapphire ATI RADEON x800GTO2

Hard Drive: Seagate 40GB

Optical Drive: LG CD-RW


Sound, Ethernet & QE/CI All working, about to test out Callisto for the Res (1440x900).


Hope that helps!

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AMD 64bit 3200 @ 2.0ghz

1gig ram ddr

ATI Radeon® X200 128mb decatied ram

20gig harddrive

Nec dvd burner


I'm atm at my Laptop with AMD Thurion 64 Mobile-Technology running OSx86 10.4.4, so AMD 64bit processors should work :(

For your graficcard (same as i have) use Callisto Drivers Build 3, if you want a resolution thats not in osx available normally (i had only 1024x768 to select, now i have 1280x800, the native resolution of my Laptopdisplay, but can switch back to old resolution everytime i want. only in safemode (-x) it doesn't seem to work)


I hope it's allowed to post the Callisto driver link here. http://omni.starchaser.org/callisto/


//edit: my cpu has SSE2, SSE3 and that other things... NX and that stuff...

and it's running nativly (installed from patched DVD) and in vmware

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if i cant do it on my laptop here my pc setup


AMD 2400+ @2.0

1gig ram ddr400

NEC Burner

Pc chips mobo


6200 geforce 256mb agp Runing dule monitor


and i what to run mac osx as a regular OS (( not uning VMware))

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well how can i make vmware boot like windows or can i only run in windows...??




Does anyone have MSN or yahoo so they can help me install this in VMware

I have OSX 10.4.6 JaS and i am a noob on this



leave me an email nurvcom@gmail.com lmk if your willing to help me on installing it on vmware and getting it all setup thanks

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I have worked with OS X on my mac and on my intel computer. I have a AMD Turion 64 MT-32 processor in my laptop, with a X700 GFX card and the JaS 10.4.6 DVD (PFF1). I can boot into the installer, and install OS X.


Here is were amd gets interesting, it won't boot in normal mode. But, I can boot in safe mode but the boot takes 15 minutes and always goes into a -v type mode.


I would be grateful to know a solution, but I think its the amd processor thats my problem here :(

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Don't know if that matters in vmware or only in native install, but do you have applied the amd patch?

Maybe u need a second patch if you don't have SSE3 (in your screenshot it isn't listed, but my native install had also don't show that i have SSE3 at first boot.)

But i'm not sure, coz i've installed it in pearPC and transfered this image to vmware as second harddisk and copied it into a working darwin instead of installing normaly in vmware.


btw. does it boot, if you use "+x" ? are there some other messages coming, like "still waiting for root device"?


@keith: i've the same processor and it works fine with maxxuss amd patches (installed from a 10.4.4 iso (with 10.4.6 patches) ... look after the pirates :D , the patches are in that .iso file, called JaS 10.4.6 or similar.

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