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  1. I have a macbook. I know yes, the GMA950 sucks. But, I should be able to run Battlefield 2 at low, low settings. The thing is, install it and when I try to run it the screen goes black for a second then just goes back to the desktop and nothing happens. Any ideas?
  2. I vote "Agnosticism" because no matter what a religion has to say its always too good to be true in my opinion.
  3. [Poll] Are you homosexual?

    I always thought warlocks should have dominate mind... Too bad it only lasts like 30 seconds.
  4. Israel and Palestine

    Israel was not occupying anything... they acually made a buffer zone to keep a distance. I don't think I understand that response. Also, don't you think that taking the life of another goes agaist the "rules" (yes I used quotes) of most of the worlds major religions?
  5. Israel and Palestine

    Hmmph, all these attacks on Israel is also getting old. Yes, Israel has reseived MANY weapons from the US, including alot of money. But NOT TO START WARS! And they haven't! They have been FORCED into them by people who don't know how to accept a peace offer. I saw on the news the other day with an interview with the "president" of Lebonan, and he was going on and on about how this little town was doing such a good job. Were do you think Hezbollah got all their stuff? From other arab nations like Iran. So of course they could make a dent. You guys call all the people who were killed by Israels' missles civilians, I don't see people who fund a terrorist organization by donating money as a civilian, I feel like if you give money to a terrorist organization, that makes you a target as well.
  6. Abortion in the US

    See now you got me started.. hah. I did not exert self control and I myself had a child. I couldn't see myself killing somthing that was a part of me. That was nearly 7 years ago and too this day I am doing everything I can to show my kid the world and teach him everything I know. True my parents were taken aback and disgruntled, but I take to take charge of the life that was rightfully mine. Having the child set me back a few years but im now a engineering student and proud that I am going somewere and im going to have my child by my side. I FELT that is wasn't my choice to kill him, and im GLAD that I didn't because look what that one singal celled organism turned into? Its the right of the parents to have the child, not the right to destory it. Adoption, not abortion. Yes alot of women are left alone with their children, but I stood by the woman that I had gotten pregnant, and to this day we are still together and I support her with my life.
  7. Abortion in the US

    I vote pro-life because I feel like if you can't have self control and get your girlfriend pregnant then you should deal with the aftermath. And that is all im going to say so you might as well not quote me lol.
  8. [Poll] Political Leanings

    I voted Conservative, though I vote for what suits me best. Im not a fan of big government, I try hard enough to get em' to leave me alone as is.
  9. [Poll] Are you homosexual?

    Off topic, but a man can marry a sheep. As long as you are a mage and can polymorph your target. solution? everyone should play world of warcraft, it brings everyone together in peace while doing humanity's favorite past time, waring upon one another.
  10. [Poll] Are you homosexual?

    I don't understand why people just let everyone be? As long as what you are doing is not hurting/maiming other people then I could really care less. My .2 cents- 1.) If everyone is so called "Equal in the eyes of god", and since "Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law" then if people have feelings for each other, so be it get married. 2.) A religion that uses threats, scare tactics, and other forms of hostile fronts agaist others or members of their own "religion" for no reason should not be allowed to continue their pratice. BTW PEOPLE! I have YET to hear a good enough reason to ban {censored} marriage. Also, you can't use religion as a factor because there is a separation of church and state.
  11. AMD

    I see people getting them working, but mine never wants to. Mine must be cursed = \
  12. AMD

    I have worked with OS X on my mac and on my intel computer. I have a AMD Turion 64 MT-32 processor in my laptop, with a X700 GFX card and the JaS 10.4.6 DVD (PFF1). I can boot into the installer, and install OS X. Here is were amd gets interesting, it won't boot in normal mode. But, I can boot in safe mode but the boot takes 15 minutes and always goes into a -v type mode. I would be grateful to know a solution, but I think its the amd processor thats my problem here
  13. b0 error

    First of all, please search. Second, There is a PFF that fixes this little "problem" "JaS 10.4.6 install dvd ppf (ATI ATA /b0 fix / No need for amd enabler post install )"
  14. Best laptop for running OSX x86

    hehe I just want it to boot! Thats all! Even though this would be nice. Did you apply any PFF's or anything to you DVD? True on that first statment kiko! ASUS is quality! And the specs are dang close. hehe my dell sucked alot...skip them. Just my .2Cents
  15. Best laptop for running OSX x86

    How does yours boot? does it boot like a mac normally should or does it go into a verbose mode then boots. you see, mine does that and never comes out unless I use -x. If there is a way to get this to work, then I would say the MS-1029 is a great macintel. er macamd.