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  1. AMD

    Don't know if that matters in vmware or only in native install, but do you have applied the amd patch? Maybe u need a second patch if you don't have SSE3 (in your screenshot it isn't listed, but my native install had also don't show that i have SSE3 at first boot.) But i'm not sure, coz i've installed it in pearPC and transfered this image to vmware as second harddisk and copied it into a working darwin instead of installing normaly in vmware. btw. does it boot, if you use "+x" ? are there some other messages coming, like "still waiting for root device"? @keith: i've the same processor and it works fine with maxxuss amd patches (installed from a 10.4.4 iso (with 10.4.6 patches) ... look after the pirates , the patches are in that .iso file, called JaS 10.4.6 or similar.
  2. Hi I've running Callisto Drivers version 3 too, it works for changing the resolution to the native of my laptopdisplay (1280x800@60). I too have no CI/QE and only 16 mb vram detected, but are interested to get it working, and correct the right vram size. But i don't know if you talking about the same card, mine is x200M (id 5975), not x200, or are they the same? sorry for bad english, it isn't my native language.
  3. ATI IXP ATA Driver repost

    shedt maybe this help ya: check out this online PCI ID List: http://pci-ids.ucw.cz/iii/?p=%2A I make an example: first click on "ATI Technologies Inc", then on "RS482 [Radeon Xpress 200M]", take the first and second number of the big text then (Subsystems for device 1002:5975:....) and then it's 0x*SECOND NUMBER**FIRSTNUMBER* for example above it'll be 0x59751002. i hope this is right
  4. AMD

    I'm atm at my Laptop with AMD Thurion 64 Mobile-Technology running OSx86 10.4.4, so AMD 64bit processors should work For your graficcard (same as i have) use Callisto Drivers Build 3, if you want a resolution thats not in osx available normally (i had only 1024x768 to select, now i have 1280x800, the native resolution of my Laptopdisplay, but can switch back to old resolution everytime i want. only in safemode (-x) it doesn't seem to work) I hope it's allowed to post the Callisto driver link here. http://omni.starchaser.org/callisto/ //edit: my cpu has SSE2, SSE3 and that other things... NX and that stuff... and it's running nativly (installed from patched DVD) and in vmware
  5. Pls send me all Callisto Drivers

    the side is back online. if it's again down when you read this, write me a pm, then i can send them to you.
  6. Linux Distributions

    First excuse my bad english, it's not my native language. But i'll try my best. Back to topic : I like gentoo, because with gentoo you learn very much about linux. How it's working, some bash commands, how to configure programms without a configuration-program, only with config files. And i know whats going on @ my pc, and can control what should run, what not, and how, without opening many systemconfig programms. But sometimes the long compiling times are not nice, or when you had after a bigger update many config files to update.