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GTX 260 216 vs Radeon HD 5770


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Hey guys... I need some help choosing a GFX Card...

I know how these cards perform, and right now, I prefer the Radeon 5770 because it runs Mass effect 2 better (All I'm going to play is ME1,ME2, Future ME3, and StarCraft 2, and maybe source games), also it uses less energy, and outputs less heat (a huge factor, because my last setup put my room into uncomfortable levels) and it has DX11 (which this card can't really even utilize because it's not that fast), and it's newer.


So basically, power consumption, heat output, and performance for my uses all favor into the ATI Radeon 5770... However, I reallyl ike the drivers better for the GTX260, that's about it... Also, there is one thing I would like to know about these two..


WHICH CARD IS EASIER TO WORK WITH IN MAC OS X? Meaning, which card can be installed "vanilla"?


I think GTX260 requires just chameleon's GraphicsEnabler=Yes to have everything working, while the Radeon requires some other things (If anyone can chime in what 3rd party files and/or modifications are needed to get this Radeon card working, would be nice)


I wouldn't mind though if it's in E/E, I would be just iffy if fiules are deleted/installed/overwritten, etc in S/L/E


Thanks guys.

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I've used both cards.


The 5770 is a far better performer and you can now use GraphicsEnabler with Traumas' mod'd chameleon boot.

Please see the 5770 thread for more information.





Would I need to still overwrite the original ATI kexts with modified ones even if I use GraphicsEnabler? or is it like the NVIDIA Cards where I just put in GraphicsEnabler=Yes and everything works? (Well assuming one uses a supported card, my GTS250 worked flawlessly)


Thank you.

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i also want to buy hd5770....and same problem as u..


dont know what to choose gtx 260 or hd5770..


i hope there is not very difficult to replace the card in hackintosh...


right now im using 10.6.4..working smoothly in my xfx9600gt...


still no idea..want to change or not..



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