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  1. ATI HD 5770

    i take back what i said tmongkol i apologize, it hought you were pointing out something else. as originally, no disrespect intended. i apologize again. thanks. and sch8mid, got your pm, gonna try out now. are there any other boot loaders that loads up vervet framebuffer for 5770s?
  2. ATI HD 5770

    sch8mid, Have you gotten your card to work without VBIOS? It seems you like you are not using Trauma's bootfile. Could you tell me your method, and maybe the links to the respective threads or download link? Thank you.
  3. ATI HD 5770

    no disrespect, but the level of refinements in the dsdt that I have gotten from TonyMacX86 is far beyond the level of knowledge you have mentioned about the real time clock kext, pcirootuid, etc. Just making it clear. I know what I'm doing. Getting back to the point, ym computer works 100% fine with the bios, and without bios, it does not work. i have 5 kexts operational (you can see my sig), and 1 dsdt along with trauma's boot file. other than that I do not need anything else to make my mac os x installation fully functional. (Except I have an i3, i need to wait for 10.6.5 to recognize the CPU, and I see only 4 DIMMS out of 6)
  4. ATI HD 5770

    well it didn't work without dsdt. and my dsdt doesn't even have a gfx0, so that rules your suggestion out. nice try though.
  5. ATI HD 5770

    Well last time I remember you saying you didn't need a ROM, then you need it. So I have a hard time choosing which one to take as your output. As for booting without DSDT, and BIOS, it did the same thing still and does the 100% fan + black screen
  6. ATI HD 5770

    If you can remember, please specify the vendor of the card, and maybe the model number, and if it's reference, OC, etc? Thank you. And Mohamed, I'll try to boot without the DSDT.
  7. ATI HD 5770

    sch8mid, I got 27-28 FPS on Cinebench 11.5
  8. ATI HD 5770

    haha it's ok! I'll download Cinebench now. OK Just testd. both 32-bit and 64-bit have the same fps (only difference is .xx)
  9. ATI HD 5770

    Thanks sch8mid for your compliments, heh my rig is called McFrankenstein! (Has elements of iMac, Macbook/Pro, and Mac Pro!) Unfortunately, I have no plans to overclock my computer. (My philosophies for this build was to create a low energy consuming, cool and quiet computer. 90-100 watts idle, 170 watts max playing SC2 or Game in steam!). However when I get home, I will definately run Cinebench in 32-bit and 64-bit and will post the benchmark scores. Furmark, I think though is only for windows? And what did you mean by "yepp. Fast results" and "yes seems to be true"? Sorry I couldn't understand.
  10. ATI HD 5770

    Trauma!, Thanks for the explanation. Do you think you can release the source code? So when the next Chameleon comes out, we can compile it ourselves. (Release it as no-warranty/support kinda deal). So there aren't any liability issues? Thank you. And if you can correct the address to read the BIOS, potentially you can get rid of the need of an external BIOS, and memory injection is icing on the cake, even better. If you have a hard time integrating different frame buffers, I would release multiple versions of the same build number. sch8mid, haha will do! i am using a i3 540 cpu with 4gb of corsair dhx xms3 ram 1333mhz. (2x2). you know, I haven't done 32-bit vs 64-bit. I'll do that now! I haven't flashed the card once and can't since I can't install Windows until my DVD Drive gets here. (I pried open an Xbox to install OS X LOL, but apparently it can't read DVD-R) OK got the results. 32-bit: 7.2 -> 34.6 -> 38.3 64-bit: 7.2 -> 33.6 -> 38
  11. ATI HD 5770

    merci beacoup trauma for your explanation. i only wanted it to bei n the dsdt because if a chameleon update comes aroujnd (which I do need because RC5 will ffeature CPUID injection for i3s), I can't update it unless you decide to, while DSDT, I probably will never change it unless I get a BIOS update and even then I would upgrade if it offers something. (Only thing that could be better on my boardi s USB EHCI support on two of the usb ports, but that's likely not to happen). Oh could you please tell me/us what the difference is between boot7, boot8, and boot9? I ask because Boot7 with ROM works fine for me while boot8 doesn't work at all, and boot9 as I just tested, works with ROM. thank you. EDIT* Boot9 works with ROM. Boot9 without ROM does NOT work. Tested ports: HDMI Alone HDMI Alone using HDMI -> DVI Cable DVI Alone (both ports) DVI Alone using DVI -> HDMI Cable (Same cable used above) HDMI + DVI (both ports) HDMI (DVI Cable) + DVI (both ports) DVI + DVI All working! With proper recongnition shown in the hardware profile page. | | | "device-properties" = {"acpi-device"="IOACPIPlatformDevice is not serializable","acpi-path"="IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0"} | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX0@1c0000" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX1@1c0001" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX2@1c0002" | | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX2@1c0002/JMB0@0" | | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX2@1c0002/JMB0@0/SDE0@0" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX2@1c0002/JMB0@0/SDE1@1" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX2@1c0002/JMB1@1" | | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX2@1c0002/JMB1@1/SDE0@0" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX2@1c0002/JMB1@1/SDE1@1" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX3@1c0003" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX3@1c0003/JMB0@0" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX3@1c0003/JMB0@0/SDE0@0" | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX3@1c0003/JMB0@0/SDE1@1" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX6@1c0006" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX6@1c0006/JMB0@0" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX6@1c0006/JMB0@0/SDE0@0" | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/PEX6@1c0006/JMB0@0/SDE1@1" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/HUB0@1e0000" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/LPCB@1f0000" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/UHC1@1d0000" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/UHC2@1d0001" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/UHC3@1d0002" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/UHC4@1d0003" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/UHC5@1a0000" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/UHC6@1a0001" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/UHC7@1a0002" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/EHC1@1d0007" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/EHC2@1a0007" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/SATA@1f0002" | | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/SATA@1f0002/PRT0@0" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/SATA@1f0002/PRT1@1" | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/SBUS@1f0003" | | | | "device-properties" = {"acpi-device"="IOACPIPlatformDevice is not serializable","acpi-path"="IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/SBUS@1f0003/BUS0@0"} | | | "device-properties" = {"acpi-device"="IOACPIPlatformDevice is not serializable","acpi-path"="IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/SBUS@1f0003/BUS0@0/DVL0@57"} | | | | "acpi-path" = "IOACPIPlane:/_SB/PCI0@0/HDEF@1b0000" I do need to use a XFX 5770 ROM to make my card work. (XFX ATI Radeon 5770 Card) 64 or 32. TOOK THE RENDER TESTS: 7.2 - Mid 34.6 - Ultra 38.2 - Sponza Ultra But it said 725MHz on the GPU, neither my core or mem is supposed to be that. other XFX rom says the same. edit2: I thought the other ROM was fine so I kept it, but with that ROM i had a white/gray screen with dark gray vertical lines (evenly)... then i restarted, happened again 2 times. I revertd back to the old rom.. hope it didn't do any permanent damage.
  12. ATI HD 5770

    Just bought a XFX 5770. boot7 + XFX 5770 rom = working boot7 = 100% fan, black boot8 = 100% fan, black boot8 + XFX 5770 rom = 100% fan, black. So for me, boot7 + XFX 5770 ROM only works. I want to try Tmongkol's DSDT method but i can't seem to copy what he has done in his dsdt into mine... :-/
  13. ATI HD 5770

    no, we still would need injectors because we need to inject our card's device id into the OS so it loads up the proper drivers/kernels for it. no, we still would need injectors because we need to inject our card's device id into the OS so it loads up the proper drivers/kernels for it.
  14. ATI HD 5770

    Why would he use a beta version? because it has newer drivers giving him better performance. Why would he use a beta version? It reflects the next update so he can try to future proof it, and have least amount of hassles when he upgrade. How do you know if it's safe to use this? Just because it works in the 2nd build of the beta, doesn't mean it's going to work in the final. There are no problem reports with people running the new Mac Pros with 5770 updating to the 1st seed of the beta which means it's the drivers fault. I don't know how your logic comes in play, but to me, if the original set of Apple provided hardware still works while set of unofficial hardware doesn't work? It's obviously the third party software aka the injector here that's causing the problem. I'm not going to waste my time with you, all you've been doing it giving me the same reply and no data. I have tons of more reasons to upgrade.
  15. ATI HD 5770

    The second build beta works , the first one doesn't. also make sure you're running in 32-bit mode.