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  1. karchis

    DSDT editor and patcher

    thank you very much it works witk transmac...=)
  2. karchis

    DSDT editor and patcher

    hello.. im stuck at ioapic...i suspect there is something wrong with my dsdt... so..can i open the dsdt editor in windows..then extract from system and patch the one u provided with p5e patches?or just leave it without patch and do the replacement? how to replace it,since i cannot boot my SL...using linux cd? thx
  3. karchis

    Asus P5E DSDT fixes

    hye... im using ASUS p5E deluxe...q6600..and 2gb ram..dual channel..urm.... can anyone take a look at this dsdt..is it ok?i mean..the sleep,sata device... thx... DSDT.aml.zip
  4. karchis

    GTX 260 216 vs Radeon HD 5770

    i also want to buy hd5770....and same problem as u.. dont know what to choose gtx 260 or hd5770.. i hope there is not very difficult to replace the card in hackintosh... right now im using 10.6.4..working smoothly in my xfx9600gt... still no idea..want to change or not..
  5. karchis

    Disk undetected under 10.6

    which colour didnt work?yellow or purp?
  6. hallo.. its was happened when i dload any kext.. then its create the folder with the kext and 1 folder called _macos when i tried to delete it in trash,its said,the operation cannot completed becouse the item is in use.. any help? i try download the same kext in my laptop,but no _macos folder created,only the kext... btw,my leopard partition name is macos...maybe its related?
  7. karchis

    VoodooPower 1.2.3

    just wanna ask....what is difference between voodopowermini and voodoopoweracpi? which 1 should i used.. and how to know its working?i got prob where i saw under my cpu load called webkitpluginhost 5+%...is it normal? thx..
  8. karchis

    gma4500 resolution and 512 mb MEMORY

    im using X4500MHD...is this support?should i boot in 32bit or 64bit? now im using this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=209665 but its shows 64MB not 512MB. and actually is native res..but a bit laggy..mayb becouse no qe ? is this one ok??can someone try the file from deviato and this one and then compared it? i dont have leopard in my dell..only sl..when something happened..quite difficult to resolve it... thanks..
  9. karchis

    GMA 4500 - the safest bet for native resolution

    urmm..i replace it with boot file in root.. show hidden file..then replace the boot file with the deviato ...like replace the boot loader with efi10.x thats all.. i have question..why it show 64mb in system profiler?suppose 512 mb right? thx..
  10. hye..my voodoohda doesnt work...i got sound..but cannot change the volume...i try to mute..but still has sound... any idea? and my touchpad doesnt work with double tap..is it normal? using voodoops2controller.. thx..
  11. hye..im using dell insipron 1320...n my sleep dont working..shutdown n restart working great..s should i make changes to my dsdt ?im using dsdt patcher to generate mydsdt.. anyone has similar dsdt just for sleep?my graphic,,sound all good.. i think my spec similar to dell 1420... thx
  12. karchis

    [SOLVED]Razer Deathadder Help

    so..any update?is the driver working on hackintosh? im using DA too...so i like to know is it working with hackintosh?with 32 / 64 bit? thx,,
  13. karchis

    read only in external hdisk

    urmm..thx for the help... i think..i just stick to read only mode in my external...and use 1 partition as FAT32 in my internal Hdd thx..
  14. karchis

    read only in external hdisk

    im running 64bit.. urm..is my data will be lost or corrupt when im using windows? quite scare if something happen to my external.. any experience?
  15. karchis

    read only in external hdisk

    my hdisk using ntfs.. i already tried install ntfs-3g..but then error occur.. is there something i missing..such as kext? any other solution? at first..there is no issue regarding write/read my HDD...but dont know when this problem happened..1 day i realised..i cannot save files to my external hdisk..huhu..