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This would be the offical 0.1pre Swift Release. Available at http://www.getwebkit.org and click play.


Some notes:


Back, forward, stop, reload buttons work. Location bar works, and SHOULD NOT have any bugs. If so, please let me know.


Bookmark menu is working, bookmarks are url files stored in etc\bookmarks.


Black screen upon startup is normal, enter a FULL url at all times (with http://).


Any bugs, please post a topic! This is in MSI format, a zip format will come soon. You might need .net 2.0.


IF you get an error, first try regsvr32 "C:\program files\webkit team\webkit\bin\webkit.dll"


The icons are in a "suck ass" stage right now, we will be getting a new icon set shortly.

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Good job! Very useful for testing the Safari engine on Windows. But still a lot of work to do, until it's a usable browser. :(


Question: Which version of Safari is the rendering engine of Swift correspondng to?


Thanks for your reply!

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