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  1. Windows Server Code Name Longhorn is scheduled for release has been released to beta testers today, with some of the most important changes coming to Longhorn Server Core. Core will support a grand total of 8 roles, double the 4 roles it had back in mid 2005. PowerShell is also included in the 3rd beta release of Longhorn Server, as well as the Windows Firewall being enabled by default. Digg it?
  2. liquidplasmaflow

    What plain Unix distros are there?

    Get Darwin if you like the Mac UNIX base.
  3. liquidplasmaflow

    The iPhone Will Be a Closed Platform

    Someone's gonna put Linux on it within a couple weeks of release
  4. liquidplasmaflow

    Can 802.11n be enabled on new Macs?

    Why don't you people ignore the practicality of the matter and try to either answer his question or help him out?
  5. liquidplasmaflow

    Simple Things That Don't Make Sense To You.

    That's actually because of the light rays traveling through the air. Since there's infinitely less air in space, the light rays have nothing to refract through. That's why
  6. liquidplasmaflow

    Aero Gadget?

    The Gadgets on the Sidebar use PNG images for their transparency. It doesn't require any hardware acceleration, so it can run on any machine. The way DWM (the engine that renders Aero windows with glass borders) renders windows requires hardware acceleration. To answer your question, there's currently no way to use DWM or Aero on a computer that doesn't support it with the hardware. You used to be able to force it into software acceleration mode, but that feature has been removed. Also, Stardock (the makers of WindowBlinds) is currently developing WindowBlinds for Vista. If you're looking for more information on Vista, click the link on my sig
  7. liquidplasmaflow

    Need a full featured defrag tool

    As far as I know it is. But I don't think Ghost defragments your files as it creates the drive image anyway (though I could be wrong.)
  8. liquidplasmaflow

    KDE or GNOME

    I've had general system stability issues with Kubuntu (as compared to Ubuntu) on both x86 and 64-bit platforms.
  9. liquidplasmaflow

    iPhone Monday?!?

    Apple thinks different; why would they release their phone product as an "iPhone"? That doesn't sound very original :mellow:
  10. liquidplasmaflow

    Show us your GeekCodes here

    -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 3.12 GCS d-(+) s+:- a--- C++ UL P L+ E---- W+++ !N !o K- w(--) !O M++ !V PS++ PE- Y- PGP- t+ 5- X R- tv+ b(+) DI+ !D G e- h! r--(-) y ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------
  11. liquidplasmaflow

    So where do deleted topics go?

    It's not broken you're just not cool enough to see it.
  12. liquidplasmaflow

    firefox isnt displaying gmail.

    Be aware that IETab is a Windows-only extension. Can you view the page source of the 'blank page' that appears?
  13. liquidplasmaflow

    Parallels can boot Boot Camp installs!

    I wonder if this Coherence function would work with something like WindowBlinds running on Windows.
  14. liquidplasmaflow

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    6371 backwards.