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  1. Uchuujin

    Long time no See

    If you haven't been tracking this, and if you haven't seen, I haven't been posting here, It's been renamed Swift, it's landed home at http://www.swift.ws, and it's now written in Qt/C++. As of right now: 1) It sucks. A) It should work on Win32, X11, and MacOS (though I haven't successfully compiled it on MacOS, because, Developers who develop software for MacOS, have broken their own software, on MacOS). We're on Version 0.4, we have been through major code changes, scrapped most versions, and made many changes. What's posted on google code (goto http://www.swift.ws to find the link, the 0.99pre T1 link) is the newest build released. Yes, i'm aware it doesn't display images, It's a fixed bug, It hasn't been a fixed bug "released to the public yet". It infact, does, display images. However, the latest local builds I have, do not accept form text inputs (a bug I myself am working on, in a fork of QtWebkit I'm working on, the devs on that are lazy). If you want a new release, ask. I would like to start a blog here, if you don't mind. I would like this forum renamed Swift, if you wouldn't mind. If you want to know somewhat of the popularity of the project (and my blog aswell, where some updates go about the project), see http://www.swift.ws/bbclone If you want the sources, here's all you need to do. You need mercurial, MinGW, a build of WebKit (contact me if you need one), and Qt 4.3.2. hg clone [url="https://hg.irken.org/swift"]https://hg.irken.org/swift[/url] swift cd swift qmake make all There are no configuration scripts yet, and building is not gaurenteed at all times. It is primarily targeted at win32. If you have any bugs and/or requests, file them at http://abugslife.swift.ws. Also, in my spare time, I'm working on a Qt based IRC client, based on libconspire, which in turn is based on XChat CVS. No releases are public yet, as I haven't done much yet.
  2. I have a spare G4 sawtooth case, i'd like to stick a PC mobo in it. My 2 primary concerns are the screwhole lineups, and the pinout on the power button header. Anyone provide info on those? It's a MicroATX board. Thanks.
  3. Uchuujin

    "Where's the source?", and other questions

    #1 we have a new name, Swift, the site design (and logo) doesn't reflect it yet as my designer is out of town for a while (sHARD>>) #2 It's (the browser shell) licensed under a BSD license, the fact that I never included it yet HAS bothered me, and I will be releasing a msi and putting a notice on the site, with the license. #3 We are using Apple's SVN code, I don't know if you were under the impression that we had our own "porting project" going on. Very nice work done to yall. I had mentioned this into the webkit IRC channel, but nobody has seemed intrested. I haven't taken any more steps, but if yall in the WebKit dev group want to get involved, feel free to let me know!
  4. Uchuujin

    New Release

    You could probably say Safari 3 and get away with it Anyway, it uses the latest webkit svn sources, so it'd be later than safari 2.
  5. Uchuujin

    New Build Available, new features!

    Since the T1 on my server seems to be down, and i can't fix til monday: http://getwebkit.org/files/Swift_0.1.msi
  6. 0.1 is available. See it for yourself!
  7. Uchuujin

    Who here has a mac? not just a PC

    iMac G5 1.6ghz/1gb RAM/160gb HDD/Combo Drive. Even though it's older, and PowerPC, it kicks major ass
  8. Uchuujin

    New Name

    Oh, I so want an animation of him running for the navigation animation.
  9. Uchuujin


    You can post wherever, i check both, but i'd like to start migrating over to the new forums by next release.
  10. Uchuujin

    How Much of a Geek are You?

    70%, but i have a life too.
  11. Uchuujin


    Not to diss this forum or anything, I still value InsanelyMac and will remain an active member in the other forums. I also value everybody's input within my project. Knowing this, and how this will eventually grow, I'm switching forums. I've asked Mash for his opinion and he supported it. Therefore, until I get a domain setup (or subdomain, currently sHARD manages the DNS), the new forums are located at: This is a community server based forum system, my plans are to host dev blogs, user interface blogs, forums, screenshot galleries, and download management. I'd really apperiatate if yall would sign up and keep posting there aswell as insanelymac's other forums. Once again, this is just so I can expand (more forums, galleries, downloads, etc...) and not be "limited by one forum" I highly value yall's input with this project! Let's keep going strong! --Chris (aka WebKitMaster)
  12. Uchuujin

    Bug Collection for WebKit 0.1alpha

    Explorer pages are in devel. and doesn't work yet. Drawing errors are being investigated.
  13. I hope you like, i have a 2005fpw (20inch Dell LCD) and it rocks. Was orignally 700 a year ago, same price as the Apple 20inch cinema, but I applied like 7 cupons and got it down to $460. Enjoy!
  14. Uchuujin

    New Release

    The Authentication delegate hasn't been ported to win32 yet, thus, i can't create a dialog yet.
  15. Uchuujin

    New Release

    This would be the offical 0.1pre Swift Release. Available at http://www.getwebkit.org and click play. Some notes: Back, forward, stop, reload buttons work. Location bar works, and SHOULD NOT have any bugs. If so, please let me know. Bookmark menu is working, bookmarks are url files stored in etc\bookmarks. Black screen upon startup is normal, enter a FULL url at all times (with http://). Any bugs, please post a topic! This is in MSI format, a zip format will come soon. You might need .net 2.0. IF you get an error, first try regsvr32 "C:\program files\webkit team\webkit\bin\webkit.dll" The icons are in a "suck ass" stage right now, we will be getting a new icon set shortly.