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ATI 5xxx Users Attention.

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I downloaded the update, extracted in Terminal using


pkgutil --expand path/to/MacOSXUpd10.6.4foriMacMid2010.pkg path/to/desired/directory


because I didn't want to install Pacifist. Then I copied


  • * ATI5000Controller.kext
    * ATIFramebuffer.kext
    * ATIRadeonX3000*
    * ATISupport.kext


to /S/L/E and chowned them. The first boot with ATY_Init.kext was successful but deleting it results in a KP. ATI5000Controller.kext has several PCI IDs in its Info.plist and the one required for my HD 5770 is among them.


I know to little about graphics drivers, so I probably won't be able to test various methods.

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I tried them now but unlike the ati drivers for the macmini that where released a month again, these ones kicked me into the matrix...




I was using a HD 5750 fyi...

At least these seemed to work with a single DVI, the old ones I'm forced to use a dvi and dvi2hdmi to get it to display anything, not that it matters that much

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