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  1. HP Pavilion DV6 DSDT Help #2

    first thing you gotta binpatch your appleintelcpupowermanagement with speedstepper, make sure you get the 11.0 modded kernel for dv6. As for the 6770 it gets recognized if i use a macbook pro 8.1 smbios and chimera. but i cant switch to it since i think HD3000 gets referred as gfx0, 6770m PEGP, and hp's bioses dont quite extract a working dsdt. with what i just told you you should be able to boot into installer and complete it without any cpus=1 or any nullcpupm
  2. HP Pavilion DV6 DSDT Help #2

    So i got the thing to boot, even have HD3000 working along with the 6770m recognized, Thanks ;P However i cannot seem to be able to completely get rid of Nullpowermanagement. Running Lion 10.7.2 with 11.1 lapic fixed kernel.
  3. HP Pavilion DV6 DSDT Help #2

    thats exactly what i've done Maldon! Still can't get a boot no matter what ;/
  4. HP Pavilion DV6 DSDT Help #2

    Seems like my DSDT is at culprit, machine wont even boot the installer :/ Here it is, both aml and dsl files. Thanks in advance for anything! dv6dsdt.rar
  5. Hey everyone xD I got a DV6-6195ca here. And no matter how i try to get it booting, the thing wins all the time and reboots itself without me even seeing a single error. Thinking my dsdt could be at fault here Its got a 2630qm, a radeon 6770m 2 gigs with the usual hd3000. I'm totally at loss here.. this lappy would be a total macbook pro killer if i'd get it up. Any help?
  6. ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    I could seriously frenchkiss you guys. Finally got it working FLAWLESS 64bits sapphire HD5750 1gb 100268be Vervet. Shutdown even works now! Props to the guys in the trenches! i Love them!
  7. http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1065 Just downloaded it, opened with pacifist, and indeed contains Needed kexts to support our hardware. Someone with balls enough to try this one out? Doesnt startup on hacks, needs editing the installer so that it doesnt enforce the installerchecks.
  8. Installation on MSI Laptop ideneb

    hey mate dont lose hope. you only need to patch your dsdt and everything is sweet. i myself own an msi laptop and had the very same issues (GT725 Qx9300 8gb ram GT9600m) all i need to fix is the sound (intel ich9r-m) and to get the Intel 5300 abgn wireless to go along with the cardreader,