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  1. Thanks for your work! I tried at least two other ports in the past but only yours correctly shows the network traffic. There is a fix to show the external IP address as well. In scripts/core.js change line 244 to this: ipURL = 'http://ifconfig.me/ip'; The Network section now looks like this:
  2. Skins you use - feedback required

    I like the Lucid theme the most, followed by Insanely Beautiful. I think however that a non-watermark background image would be a little bit better (at least for me). The forums could be a bit faster for me, too. I recently switched from fixed width to full size because that makes it easier to read posts with large code snippets or embedded images. When the site loads first the fixed and centered content area is shown, then this area is stretched to full width. But this is a minor quirk and I'd prefer if you could tweak page load times a bit, i.e. the time until any page is fully loaded.
  3. 10.6.4 Really bad OpenGL performance with HD 5xx Solved

    Cool! Yes, as written above, the process crashes. The console log within smalllux shows command run: bash: line 1: 385 Segmentation fault ./slg -o scenes/instances/render-fast.cfg -D opencl.nativethread.count 0 -D accelerator.type 3 -D opencl.renderthread.count 4 -D image.width 768 -D image.height 768 Let me know if you need to know anything else.
  4. ATI 5xxx Users Attention.

    I downloaded the update, extracted in Terminal using pkgutil --expand path/to/MacOSXUpd10.6.4foriMacMid2010.pkg path/to/desired/directory because I didn't want to install Pacifist. Then I copied * ATI5000Controller.kext * ATIFramebuffer.kext * ATIRadeonX3000* * ATISupport.kext to /S/L/E and chowned them. The first boot with ATY_Init.kext was successful but deleting it results in a KP. ATI5000Controller.kext has several PCI IDs in its Info.plist and the one required for my HD 5770 is among them. I know to little about graphics drivers, so I probably won't be able to test various methods.
  5. 10.6.4 Really bad OpenGL performance with HD 5xx Solved

    You're welcome! Glad I could be of help because I always enjoy a comparison and being able to judge a system correctly. I'm wondering how much of a difference the newer Mac mini frameworks make. According to the screenshot posted they should improve performance by factor of 6 if only the graphics adaptor is measured (ran OpenGL Viewer for the first time). I'll try installing the frameworks over the next days—after backing up that is.
  6. Budget G5 Hackintosh

    Nice and clean! I'm in a similar situation like you are, a couple of years ago I also bought a case on eBay as a bargain and started modding. Halfway through I lost interest and kept the hard disk and DVD drive lying on the case and the door unmounted for some months before I bought a MacBook Pro. I just built a new workstation and I'm really looking to finally complete this three year mod now. I already drew some inspiration from your pictures if you don't mind.
  7. 10.6.4 Really bad OpenGL performance with HD 5xx Solved

    I started the benchmark incase you need another result for comparison. My system specs are listed below. I tried the smallux benchmark as well, but the slg process crashes. Update: I also ran the Luxball and Sponza Ultrahigh benchmarks and attached a screenshot. I got 33.8 and 38.2 sec, respectively. Kind regards, Lennard