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New Icons

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Thanks! We made them specifically for Insanely Mac.


Ralleria did the design work and I think he did a great job. Donators and Administrators have shiny badges and the rest of the staff has more Apple-y looking glass ones.


They're one of those small detail things that really adds to the overall quality of the site.

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My quick suggestion would be to save them as pngs. They look good but the white around it doesn't match with the gray background of the message board. I only notice it on my MacBook with the bright display but i can't see any difference with my old flat screen. It's just a nothing suggestion and i just thought i'd run that by you. But anyways they look really good. Good job Ralleria!

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Here's the list, although not all have gotten their badges yet:


News Team

Tech Team (for site technical support)


IRC Squad


Gurus (a status we'll be launching in about a month)

X Labs Dev

Help Team (also to be launched soon)


Designer (for graphics)

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