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[DSDT] Renamed devices to mac specific ones


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Renamed devices to mac specific ones questions?





1. Does this damage any windows installaion? or should i ask does windows xp/vista/7/2008 use the BIOS DSDT?


2. Does this affect any linux OS?


3. Which devices should me renamed?  and renamed to what?


4. Is there any How-To on this topic?


5. I love the "DSDT editor and patcher", it's good.


    but i had to use DSDTSE by EvOsx86 team to understand the iasl error message.

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I'll help if 1 and 2 and leave the other question for those that know more about it.


1, 2) Since you're not actually replacing the BIOS' DSDT, it won't affect any operating system that isn't OS X loaded through Chameleon.

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Check this post

Renamed Devices

I renamed the following Devices in my dsdt.dsl to match a MacPro3,1:


Device (MCEH) // Renamed from: MCH

Device (IPIC) // Renamed from: PIC

Device (DMAC) // Renamed from: DMAD

Device (TIMR) // Renamed from: TMR

Device (RTC) // Renamed from: RTC0

Device (MATH) // Renamed from: COPR

Device (LDRC) // Renamed from: OMSC

Device (PRT0) // Renamed from: CHN0

Device (PRT1) // Renamed from: CHN1

Device (EHCI) // Renamed from: EUSB

Device (UHCI) // Renamed from: USBE


Fix for USBF: error in kernel.log

The USB Hub Channels (12 USB ports) have now also been renamed properly:


Device (UHC1) // Renamed from: USB0

Device (UHC2) // Renamed from: USB1

Device (UHC3) // Renamed from: USB2

Device (UHC4) // Renamed from: USB4

Device (UHC5) // Renamed from: USB5

Device (UHC6) // Renamed from: USB6


Not really a visual trade off, but it takes care of this error in your kernel.log:


Sep 27 10:04:50 localhost kernel[0]: USBF: 5.387 AppleUSBUHCI[0x6e64000]::start unable to initialize UIM


Note: I removed (comment out really) the original Device (USB3) in my dsdt.dsl because it isn't used in the six & six configuration (see also ICH9 datasheet. Link available under: References/Links).


Removed Devices

The following devices have been removed with this update:


Device PS2K (PS2 Keyboard)

Device PS2M (PS2 Mouse)

Device SPKR (Speaker)

Device FDC (Floppy Disk Controller)


Notes: See post #21 for a HOWTO about re-inserting the removed PS2 Devices. And Device (SPKR) is used by Parallels Desktop to BEEP when it starts a virtual machine. Thanks to Beerkex'd for the tip!


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into device label MCH set_label begin MCEH end;

into device label PIC set_label begin IPIC end;

into device label DMAD set_label begin DMAC end;

into device label TMR set_label begin TIMR end;

into device label RTC0 set_label begin RTC end;

into device label COPR set_label begin MATH end;

into device label OMSC set_label begin LDRC end;

into device label CHN0 set_label begin PRT0 end;

into device label CHN1 set_label begin PRT1 end;

into device label EUSB set_label begin EHCI end;

into device label USBE set_label begin UCHI end;

into device label USB0 set_label begin UHC1 end;

into device label USB1 set_label begin UHC2 end;

into device label USB2 set_label begin UHC3 end;

into device label USB3 set_label begin UHC4 end;

into device label USB4 set_label begin UHC5 end;

into device label USB5 set_label begin UHC6 end;

into device label USB6 set_label begin UHC7 end;

into_all all code_regex DMAD replaceall_matched begin DMAC end;

into_all all code_regex TMR replaceall_matched begin TIMR end;

into_all all code_regex RTC0 replaceall_matched begin RTC end;

into_all all code_regex COPR replaceall_matched begin MATH end;

into_all all code_regex OMSC replaceall_matched begin LDRC end;

into_all all code_regex CHN0 replaceall_matched begin PRT0 end;

into_all all code_regex CHN1 replaceall_matched begin PRT1 end;

into_all all code_regex EUSB replaceall_matched begin EHCI end;

into_all all code_regex USBE replaceall_matched begin UCHI end;

into_all all code_regex USB0 replaceall_matched begin UHC1 end;

into_all all code_regex USB1 replaceall_matched begin UHC2 end;

into_all all code_regex USB2 replaceall_matched begin UHC3 end;

into_all all code_regex USB3 replaceall_matched begin UHC4 end;

into_all all code_regex USB4 replaceall_matched begin UHC5 end;

into_all all code_regex USB5 replaceall_matched begin UHC6 end;

into_all all code_regex USB6 replaceall_matched begin UHC7 end




you must use the DSDT Editor from this post








Have i miss any of them?


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into device label USBE set_label begin UCHI end;


into_all all code_regex USBE replaceall_matched begin UCHI end;


You misspell UHCI in both lines, and so it is at the patches repository in file "Mac devices.txt".

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a lot of these devices are not in use in OS X at all

renaming RTC, EHCI, UHC* maybe (?) has some sense 

the rest can be deleted or renamed to anything

Device (SATA)
                Name (_ADR, 0x001F0002)  // _ADR: Address


no need for PRT* or CHN* inside it
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