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Installing 10.5 on an old eMac


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I just bought an old eMac today w.


-700mghz g4

-512mb ram

-40 gig HD


-Running OSX 10.3


I'm trying to update the system to 10.5 and the problems are that 10.5 is on a DVD (so the CD drive isn't going to work). So I hooked up an external DVD drive w. usb. This doesn't seem to work, the system recognizes the disk and prompts me to restart to begin the re-install. But after the re-start it brings me back to the desktop and the install has not begun.


I've assumed that the problem is that I'm using a usb connected external drive. So I'm trying to install from a usb thumb drive. I do know that the 700mghz processor is technically not supported by 10.5 but this guide...




states that I can get around the issue. The only thing that I'm concerned about is if I can actually boot from the usb drive in the same way the above guide tells me to boot from the cd.


Any help would be apperciated.

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