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  1. gengstapo

    Black screen when plugging HDMI

    @Hervé Im having similar issue with my HS setup, dell latitute 3480, i5-7200U Once the hdmi plugged in, the laptop display went blank, only could see the external tv But, when i put my laptop to sleep & wake up again, both screen got display (hdmi still connected) Even the hdmi could be plugged off & in (after sleep), the laptop display is fine What could be the culprit? Dell’s MacBook Pro IORegistry.zip config.plist.zip
  2. No luck, but i solve it with this version Thx anyway https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/e2ywvb/realtek_rtl8111h_not_working_during_installation/
  3. Hello Im trying to fresh install Catalina 10.15 but the pre-boot LAN not working I got Realtek RTL8168H/8111H for my NIC which is working fine in Mojave Im using my EFI pack which is working in Mojave Is there any work around for this? Thx
  4. gengstapo

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Hello Been following this post but i still dont find any fix for Realtek RTL8168H/8111H under Catalina I cant get my network working during the installation where macOS required the internet Im using my Mojave clover & kext(s) Is there any work around for this? Thx
  5. gengstapo

    Hackintosh HDMI matters

    HelloI need help with my Latitude 3480, cpu i5 7200uI got this problem like when i reboot (lid is closed) my laptop while connect to hdmi it will display to the external monitor which seems okOn random occasion where i need to open my lid, there is no display but external monitorI have to reconnect the hdmi or open & close the lid for few times then only it trigger display to the internal displaySometimes, while the hdmi still connected, the audio went to the internal speakerCould help me fix this?Thx
  6. gengstapo

    .mkv on Apple TV?

    Hi there, what dya mean by "because I was able to change .mkv to MOV"?? Do you export or just use the function "Save As.." .mov the .mkv files? Thanks~
  7. gengstapo

    ALC888 100% in Snow Leopard x64

    Just to share, I found this 2 kext(works with 32 & 64 bit) working charm with my ALC888. Previously, my audio bass was like been boost PS: I didnt try the headphone thou.. Credit belongs to the orig. creator of kext SL_ALC888_32___64_bit.zip
  8. gengstapo

    Installing 10.5 on an old eMac

    Is it worth to try? I read somewhere on the net that eMac with 1.42Ghz & 1GB RAM still encounter slow/ lagg problem with leopard..
  9. Hi Ricola I need help with my dsdt.aml here. Im trying to get my ALC888 works in Leopard by patching my own dsdt. Is there any copy/ paste text for the configuration which I can directly paste into my dsdt? Btw, let say after I patched the dsdt, do I still need additional kext to enable my ALC888 for Leopard 10.5.8? Thanks~
  10. gengstapo

    OSX on Netbooks (eee, mini note, acer one, etc.)

    Hella guys/ gals.. I just received my unit, 2nd hand gift Benq Joybook U101. Its running great with Win XP Pro but perfect with Win 7(all hardware detected automatically). Ive been looking for proof if there is any successful attempt on this unit but seems I cant find any. I wonder which guide can I use to install OS X Leopard on my unit. I prefer to use the retail installation method. Hope you all have some solution for my problem. Thanks!
  11. gengstapo

    RT73 driver for snow leopard x64 is release :D

    Gonna get em' & prepared to install SL again.. LoL
  12. "6) Install GA-P35-DS4 Snow Leopard Installer." So this step will install chameleon & efi? Am I correct?
  13. gengstapo

    (SL) RT73 USB Wlan Stick

    Thats correct Regarding the rt71, sorry I dont have idea I dont have them to try here Guess you on your own.. LoL
  14. gengstapo

    (SL) RT73 USB Wlan Stick

    Usually /Macintosh HD/Extra/Extensions It only avail after you install the Chameleon
  15. Dya mean when the install IS done, I can remove the bootcd & directly boot with my SL partition?