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  1. In case you never knew, the Beatles and Apple Computers have a very storied past. You see Apple Computers was named and logo'd after Apple Records, The Beatles little record company. So as with all imitations being the sincerest form of flatterys, The Beatles sued the holy hell out of Apple for trademark infringement. The Beatles won that one with some kind of money being sent to them. Then came MIDI on ye olde Apple iigs. Those money hungry (joke, don't get your panties in a bunch) Liverpudgians sued the holy hell out of Apple again. Well...let's just say it doomed the iigs and led to a partnership with Amiga and the eventual Macintosh. So thank the Beatles for your Mac! Next came the system sound "Chimes"...and The Beatles attacking again! The sound was later renamed Sosumi (so sue me, get it?) and this court case finally made it to where the Beatles can't sue at the drop of a hat. Apple agreed to stay out of physical music sales (package, sell, distribute). Enter the iTunes Music Store and another attack by The Beatles. The judge in this case, for a change in pace, ruled for Apple Computer. Apple Corp (The Beatles) didn't like not getting any money and appealed. Now go to 2007 and a meeting (not a lawsuit) between the two of them. Everyone was finally happy as Apple Corps got its trademark and the now Apple Inc got to use its trademark. Happy days were here for once. Paul even said their catalog would be on the iTunes store sometime in 2008 Now in 2010, The Beatles are better late then never!
  2. Moose Tracks

    OS X 10.7 is Lion

    Why do I feel the need to declare you the winner of this thread?
  3. Moose Tracks

    The death of the XServe

    Yes as of January 31, 2011 Apple will no longer be selling the XServe. Apple of course is going to push users toward getting a shiny new Mac Mini (which is slower than the current XServe) or to the Mac Pro (which is faster than the XServe) with OS X server software installed. Now over at the Apple Store, the Mac Mini server is $999 US, making it a cheap if not slow server. The Mac Pro server chimes in at $2999 US which means you're basically getting the server software for free considering the hefty price tag the regular Mac Pro has. And for those of you in Europe, start saving because the Mini will likely cost $8,000 EUR and the Pro will be $10,000,000 EUR!
  4. I've said it before and it's most likely beyond the current system software. However, I am going to state it again in the hopes that someone listens. The forum is capable of policing itself with an up/down vote. After an arbitrary number of "downs" (let's say 10 just for an example), the post is immediately hidden. If it's done to an OP, then the topic becomes sent to "Area 51" (again for lack of a better term and just as an example). The system should also be done to record which usernames vote what down. This would mean the mods would only have to sift through Area 51 and undo anything they feel is post worthy. Would some stuff get overlooked? Most likely yes...because we're human. But we should be working as a ton of humans working toward making this forum a better place. This would also prevent the abuse of such power, as the simple solution is for the mods/admins to move the vote offenders to a non-voting member status. They can post but not vote. Now the trick to all of this is to put everyone in the voting memeber category and then start trimming. This will completely negate any favoritism by mods/admins which can happen and you damn well know you'll be accused of it if you get to pick who can vote and who can't. Now with the negative out of the way, this would make for an easier way to get things stickied also. So many up votes (let's say 25 and remember that the numbers I use are for example only and not hard numbers!!!) would bring about a sticky request to the mods. Topic gets reviewed and the sticky decision is made. The up votes however, don't get erased, because the userbase should also be able to search by the number of up votes. This way, the important upped information is presented at the top.
  5. Moose Tracks

    Backup software, to copy files + folders on shutdown

    Why not make an Automator workflow to do the same thing? Or an Applescript?
  6. Moose Tracks

    WoW Cataclysm

    So when you get ready for World of Warcraft Cataclysm, make sure you have an Intel Mac handy because PowerPC Macs will not be allowed. It will apparently bring up an error message stating it will not run. However, Intel flavors of 10.4.11 and 10.5.8 will be able to run Cataclysm. In other words, the slow, painful death of PPC continues.
  7. Moose Tracks

    Can Leopard run/install without Core Image?

    It will run Leopard. Don't believe Wikipedia on that. Will it run Core Image? Not really...
  8. Moose Tracks

    Classilla--Firefox for OS 9

    So I've been looking for thingies for my sweet wonderful OS 9 and stumbled upon Classilla. If you've never seen it before, it's an active project to bring the whole Mozilla shebang over to Mac OS 9 (and maybe 8.6). Grab it, try it out on your old PPC boxes, and enjoy one of the only things actively developed for Classic.
  9. Moose Tracks

    Unlocking a hardware locked OS X Installer

    You have to toggle those invisible files in order to see the /system folder on that disk.
  10. Moose Tracks

    Instaling Leopard on my old iBook

    Then you're clearly not going to be able to get Leopard BECAUSE HACK WON'T WORK on a PPC Mac. Sorry to burst your bubble there but if it's a stripped down installer, then it's most likely stripped the PPC code from there and not the other way around. BUT...there is a way around this! 1. Install 10.4 or 10.3 and make a 10 GB partition. 2. Now take that freshly imaged Leopard disk and use Disk Utility to restore it to the partition. 3. Make it the startup disk and reboot.
  11. Moose Tracks

    Rescue a G3 Grape

    Mactracker says it doesn't have Leopard. It might have 10.4 Tiger, but that's a stretch for those old iMacs. From what I can research, it looks like the green in the RGB monitor isn't working right. You need a TV guy to look at the innards and get it fixed, because it's a TV tube issue.
  12. Moose Tracks

    Help with Startup Disk

    hoookay...next step. This requires some minor eMac surgery so find a guide on how to crack one open. I will assume this will most likely fail also, but open up the eMac and press the red CUDA switch in there. Hold it in for ten seconds and then try to reboot. If that doesn't work then try to replace the hard disk and see what happens next. It needs an ATA 100 hard disk. If possible, try to put Mac OS X on there before putting it in (the easiest way is to use another PPC Mac and install it there. Then transplant).
  13. Moose Tracks

    Instaling Leopard on my old iBook

    PowerPC Macs will not run Hack OS. PowerPC Macs will not run Snow Leopard. PowerPC Macs will run a retail Leopard (not snow leopard). You have to find a retail Leopard disk. They are at many different torrent sites and I'm not posting the links here.
  14. Moose Tracks

    Is my G5 powermac DEAD ?

    If you're using a non-Apple branded DVD drive, you can't boot from it on the G5. It isn't "blessed" by Apple. Now any USB/Firewire external unit will somehow bypass the blessing.
  15. Moose Tracks

    Help with Startup Disk

    Do you have an external drive you can hook up with Firewire or USB? See if it can boot that way.