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ATI 4850HD and snow leopard :(


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I installed "Snow Leopard Intel/AMD" by Hazard on my system and it works fine except for graphics.

I have Powercolor 4850HD graphics card



I tried many methods and still no luck:

1st method

1) booted in safe mode using "-x -v"

2) then added the dev-id in the ATI4800.kext and installed EVOEnabler.kext using kexthelper

3) removed the ATI4500.kext and ATI4600.kext from /S/L/E

4) rebooted with "-f -v"

no luck :) .... the system boots fine but the screen is like the image mentioned in this form (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=197064)


2nd method

1) applied netkas patches QE_CI for 10.6.2

same result as above


anyone got this card working please help me. i dont know how many times i tried to install snow leopard ;)

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I spent a month trying to get several ATI video cards working with SL. I read most posts here, most netkas and even communicated with prasys. With this being the most failure I've experienced in years, I gave up. It seems to me that my stubborness with ATI was the biggest error. I hate to say, but it seems the only easy 4850's are the exact emulations of ATI radeon, dual dvi out. Not d-sub, hdmi, dvi-d. That seems to be what I've gotten from my reading. I personally can't understand why a list wasn't made HERE to say the exact brands and models work or won't. Save yourself, I returned several cards in frustration.

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JMAcie I think you're right but he has dual DVI, there is hope.


Have you updated to 10.6.2? It was a lot easier to get these cards right in 10.6 / 10.6.1, maybe hold the update and see if you can get it working that way. I deleted a different kext in S/L/E to get 10.6.2 going, can't remmeber right now which & I have to go to work, I'll look later.

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