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  1. ATI 4850HD and snow leopard :(

    Hi I installed "Snow Leopard Intel/AMD" by Hazard on my system and it works fine except for graphics. I have Powercolor 4850HD graphics card http://www.powercolor.com/global/products_...?ProductID=2183 I tried many methods and still no luck: 1st method 1) booted in safe mode using "-x -v" 2) then added the dev-id in the ATI4800.kext and installed EVOEnabler.kext using kexthelper 3) removed the ATI4500.kext and ATI4600.kext from /S/L/E 4) rebooted with "-f -v" no luck .... the system boots fine but the screen is like the image mentioned in this form (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=197064) 2nd method 1) applied netkas patches QE_CI for 10.6.2 same result as above anyone got this card working please help me. i dont know how many times i tried to install snow leopard
  2. bitcomet alternative

    but im looking for a mac client utorrent is not for mac
  3. bitcomet alternative

    i just installed leopard on my pc im looking for a bitcomet alternative im behind a proxy server ; and only bitcomet seemed to work while in in XP (i think it alone supports tracking and downloading(peer to peer communication) through http proxy , remaining all only support proxy tracker support) i tries azureus , but it wont support downloading through http proxy thanx in advance
  4. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    i have just installed leopard ; so far no prob ; still have to check sleep and all though where can i get the drivers for audio???? every thing else works out of the box for all having probs with dual booting; here is wht i have done the names may differ from the actual; i have a poor memory , i dont remember the exact names 1)boot into ur windows 2)install acronis disk .... 3)enable os selector... 4)reboot 5)format a partition to fat 32 in windows (i did for 2nd one) 6)keep the leopard install dvd and boot 7)select both the options in vanillakernel; andefi_mbr one 8)now format the above formatted fat32 drive to HFS+ (journeled) using disk utilities 9)install and reboot 10)u will see acronis os selector loading; now boot into windows 11)now ope the acronis disk utilitie -> right click on the drive u installed macosx ->advanced->change->change to primary (it will take about 40 min) be patient 12)after convertion completed ; reboot 13)now in acronis os selector u should be able to see an icon called "unknown os " ; if not; goto tools->detect os tool ->now select by partition -> select the mac partition and select bootable 14)now reboot; and in acronis os loader sect the mac partition and click on the boot flag on to 15) ther u go :) BY THE WAY I USE KALYWAY DVD ; Thanx to Kalywaay for the DVD
  5. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    i hope it will come out soon thanx for the hardwork
  6. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    no... but i think there is some problem with ALC888 on conroe(ICH7) channel............ i believe on other ALC888 chip it work fine
  7. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    hey taruga does this patch work on asrock conroe????............ what i mean is ; is it worth trying???(if it is i wold like to give it a shot)............or do u need to add the support yet??
  8. Adium 1.0 Released

    just updated to this version ...... and it really awesome......... everythng is perfect an ofcourse im still waiting for the voice support on gtalk
  9. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    hey taruga just saw 1.10b version ....... does that support alc888 on conroe????
  10. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Good to hear that .......has there been any progress on this??????....(any ideas for the release date???) i hope it will be released soon thanx for all the effort you r puttung...... byeeee
  11. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    ye stifler me too intrested in how u got audio in working................i think u must be the only to get it working
  12. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    hi taruga ..........i was just wondering if this release suport mic in for ALC888 on asrock conroe 945g-dvi as till nw this is not working on asrock board
  13. http tunneling

    hmmmm dont think so ........... its working fine on windows
  14. than a lot all of u........just updates all ilife...havent dont security updates yet
  15. http tunneling

    ye i tried it and ............. for the first time when i installed it worked.........and later on there is no success( it just dont connect) thanx for he reply ...........