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Cocoa Apps in Windows

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I've been reading alot about Apple running Cocoa apps for Windows. I think that this would be great for Apple. They can do what Microsoft did to OS/2. Developers will start making apps for Cocoa, thus making Windows only apps pointless. Why would they make Windows only apps if they could make it cross platform at the same time? If they add a compatability layer for Cocoa, it will be better for Apple. Think about it. Windows apps would only work on Windows, but Cocoa apps would work on Windows and OS X. Here's an article from Mac Rumors that discusses it more in detail.




The letter is very interesting. Apple has Safari already running on XP without many problem. Here's a screenshot that I found on Google. It seems real to me.





Discuss what you think about it.

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as interesting as the idea is I'm not getting my hopes up, I'd be quite suprised if it was true.


As for the screenshot, I'd say it's firefox with a Safari skin, ther're are some great ones out there, used to use them on my Dell before I got OS X on it, and then got a MacBook.


still fun though...

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