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  1. Install Official OSX on a Hackintosh?

    You can't buy the TPM and the apple EFI software. The only way to run OS X on non-apple hardware is the crack the OS and do things to it (that are illegal) so it will run on non-apple hardware. Even if the specs are the same on the hardware you buy, OS X is going to look for things like the TPM (trusted platform module I think) and it won't find it. Also Intel macs use EFI and the hardware you put together is going to have BIOS. So it's taken some dedicated folks hacking the OS a bit (a lot of time and effort) to get it to run on BIOS machines. As for running install 'releases' like JaS, the trouble is in set-up, once you're up, you're likely to have few troubles (my experience) As for FCP on a hackintosh, it runs great when you get set up. I had a G5 (single proc) and I tried FCP on a $99 Pentium D 2.66 and it was far faster than the G5 (older machine). Read the wiki and posts and you can carefully buy good hardware and make it "relatively" each to install OS X and it'll run fine.
  2. 4 GB of Memory in a Macbook

    Reading the first post over again, I see it's a MacBook and not a MacBook pro, didn't see that at first. The MacBook Pros are using the santa rosa chipset, the MacBooks are not, they're not ready for 4 GB of ram and there probably isn't support in OS X for 4 GB in a MacBook.
  3. Boot OS X from iPod

    I'm not sure it works anymore and it's my understanding it's dangerous for the iPod. I'm not sure about the latest iPods or about Intel Macs, but a few years ago, i think with 10.3 Panther, apple disabled this, made it so OS X wouldn't boot. People were taxing their iPods too much and killing the drives after booting.
  4. 4 GB of Memory in a Macbook

    At the risk of sounding stupid, I think the OS will see all 4 GB but only 64-bit apps will see all 4 GB. OS X handles 32 and 64-bit apps differently, the OS is 64-bit but also has native 32-bit librarys for 32-bit apps. So, if iStat was written and compiled for 32-bit, it wouldn't see all the RAM. This is speculation, so I'm not saying I'm right. And I could be getting features of leopard confused with what tiger already has and doesn't have... now I've confused myself, good luck!
  5. Leopard Macs able to run Tiger

    http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#MacBook_Pro check out that buyer's guide, it's not a way to be 100% sure they won't update, but it'll help you decide. The last update was about 90 days ago, it says the average update cycle for macbook pro is 180 day or so (so far in it's history). In my mind, consumer products are more likely to be updated in the lead up to the holidays (hence the iPod event tomorrow) and pro products are more likely to be updated after the first of the year, when businesses get their anual capital budgeted. That said, they do still update things at MacWorld in January, and then again quietly in March or April sometimes, no way to know. The next huge update will be to quad-core chips, but think that intel's roadmap has that chip not coming out until mid-2008 (not sure on that)
  6. Leopard Macs able to run Tiger

    As long as they don't update the Macbook Pros before or with the release leopard you should be fine. The next revision of MacBook Pro will most likely not be able to run Tiger. I don't think an update is expected. A refresh is more likely at MacWorld in January, or at NAB in April, but possible sooner. You can always buy the previous modely MacBook if they do refresh them, buy it from the refurbished section on the apple site, save some money too. Still has 1 yr warranty. no one can definatively answer the question at this point because we don't know for sure, but, in my past experience the earliest version of OS X that they can run is the version that they shipped with. They add the hardware profiles and such into new versions of the OS, so it's not configurd to run on new hardware (older versions aren't).
  7. The problem is not that the version of OS X is 2 years old, you can still run most programs on a 4 year old install of panther or jauguar (10.3 and 10.2 versions of OS X). The problem is that the deadmoo 10.4.1 image was a cracked install of the original OS X for intel that came on the developer transition kits, it was incomplete in many ways. They kernel was significantly updated for 10.4.3 and 10.4.4 and then again for 10.4.8,9,10. So what you have downloaded is essentially a beta OS, that's the compatability issue. The previous poster was correct, 10.4.8 or 10.4.9 would be much better for you, and easier to get closer to 100% working, video, lan and wireless lan are much more likely to work. Good luck and welcome to the Mac!
  8. Photobooth background removal issue.

    just so you know you're not alone, I have seen it do the same thing on a MacBook core duo
  9. do you know the model/make of your case? I'd be interested to look that one up, thanks.
  10. I think most of your issues would be solved by changing a preference in quicktime player, check the box "use high-quality video setting when available" Your DV should look just like it does in FCP. For sure the aliasing will be gone, I'm not 100% sure about the color or brightness looking different, but my thought is it'll take care of that too.
  11. Any luck with the external cards?
  12. a 'Newegg' for Macs?

    Yup, it's called Newegg.com Mice and keyboards that are USB are compatible with Macs. If you want mac buttons, the links posted will get you to a store that sells keyboards with proper option, control and command keys. For HDDs they don't have to be 'officially' supported by Apple, never heard that, maybe back in the day when things were different, but now just get a SATA drive. RAM you need to be careful with, just to get ram that is timed right if you buy from newegg. Otherwise the mac shops people posted will sell ram that will work for sure. For the most part, the hardware is interchangeable. I've had RAM I moved back and forth between PCs and my G4s and G5s, as well as hard drives.
  13. My hack's DV over firewire out has always been bad, I think it's a motherboard/FW chipset issue (I'm using built-in FW) are you using an external card for FW? You might try that. there are cheap ones that will even add FW800, some are Mac or PC (PPC Mac or PC) they should surely work. newegg has several, I've been meaning to get one. If I do cut something, I go to DVD or use a real mac to get it out to a DV camera. I'd be interested if there was a fix, but I don't expect there to be, I'd say it's just a hardware thing. Sorry to be a downer, good luck though.
  14. FCP can import and edit your .avi files if you have files already captured and need them for a project. But it will give you a warning that they aren't optimized for FCP, so they work, but you'll have to render most likely, the real time engine won't work with .avi files. I'm not sure your question has been directly answered - what format can you export that would be like a DV encoded .avi? The answer is a DV encoded .mov. The easiest way has been mentioned File>Export>Quicktime Movie This will make a .mov and you have a few options on codecs. Choosing "Current Settings" from the setting popup will give you a quicktime movie encoded natively in whatever format your sequence is set to, DV NTSC 48khz is default. Export using quicktime conversion (in the same popup) will let you pick your movie container (.avi, .mov and others) and your specific codec/quality etc. Export using Compressor will send your export through another application, used primarily for making the MPEG-2 files (.m2v) and AC3 files (.ac3) to be used with DVD studio pro and other DVD authoring applications. Compressor is a lot more than that though, it has lots of presets, and you can choose all the same options for quicktime movies. Here's a tip - don't shoot video in LP mode, or in SP with 32 khz audio, FCP is capable of cutting 32 khz audio, but it doesn't like to, you'll have to tweak with settings to make it work without your audio getting out of sync. good luck!
  15. Possible macbook gma upgrade

    I have no idea about the question, but I've got to say the idea of cracking open my MacBook and taking a soldering iron to it just makes me sick. I'm sure it would cost too much and be too risky. It's probably like the Core Duo procs, unless you're a robot and can solder 50-100+ pins at once you're not going to do it. good luck though, happy soldering