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805 overclocking on mATX boards

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Hey, this is my first post, but i've been working on OSx86 since i first heard of PearPC long ago. Anyway, my current set up is as follows:


Asus P4P800-VM

P4 2.4c

1.5GB DDR 400


WD120JD (Windows)

WD120JS (OS X 10.4.4)

WD120JB (FAT32 partition for music between OS's)

SB Audigy 2 plat.

Lite-on 16x DVD+-RW

3Com NIC (just for {censored} and giggles...and it was laying around)

Antec Smartpower 350W

all in an Aspire X-Qpack case

Samsung SyncMaster 173s display


so anyway...it runs great, obviously my Audigy doesn't work in OS X, but AC'97 works fine and networking works with the kext taken from Darwin. I've been interested on moving up to a dual-core and with the 805's overclocking potentional, and my broke ass budget, it seems like a good idea. However, i've noticed all the OC'ing guides and such are all taking advantage of DDR2-667, which, mathmatically speaking, doesn't seem like it's entirely necessary. Now i know that most *-VM boards from Asus generally suck at overclocking, if they even allow it at all, but i've learned that the P5P800-VM allows for Asus "AI" overclocking, which i know isn't the greatest, but i'm wondering how well, or for that matter how far, this board will take an 805 without being able to adjust CPU voltage.


basically the main reason why i'm looking to do this is to get Parallel's working better. My current set up runs just fine, (in fact better than most real Macs in my opinion), but without having separtate cores Parallel's eats my CPU alive. I'm also concerned with the impact of virtualization technology. I'm aware that the 805 DOES NOT have VT, but i'm curious if anyone's had a comparison of a set up with VT and w/o VT on dual-cores. I can say that my little p4c is a champ though and is able to run both OS's simultaniously pretty well, but it's just not at a performace level that i consider satisfactory. I'm looking to run some windows only apps like Autodesk Products, (Inventor 10 particularly) and Microsoft Visio. In the mean time though i'm using OmniGraffle Pro to replace Visio and it's not to shabby.


thanks for any help

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To o/c the pentium D 805 on the p5ld2-vm you have to increase the pci express clock, 118mhz seems to work for most people. I can get it up to 3.4ghz but I don't spend hours trying to push it higher. i just plugged in FSB 170 and it worked at 1.3 V... make sure you have an aftermarket cooler.

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D805 here, O/C to 3.3ghz with stock intel fan. dropped voltage to lowest setting, 1.25v or so. PCI-E at 118mhz is crucial for success.


zalman CNPS8000 HSF on order, my D805 soars above 60C on full load.

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