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  1. After weeks of sharing my macbooks ethernet connection to my P55M-UD4 while waiting for parts, I have finally made my own airport card using relatively cheap parts from ebay. It's a no-compromise solution and I hope it helps anyone looking for affordable (<$50) and zero-configuration setup. I would encourage anyone who employs this method to comment on my blog post (and also help update the HCL wiki) with the exact mini pci-e card, adapter, and compatibility results. How To: Build your own "Real" Airport Card for your hackintosh I took a lot of pictures and hope that if any of you are wondering how well this actually works, it does and really well! This opens up a lot of possibilities considering the vast number of cards floating around that might work.
  2. have this problem core i5 p55m ud4 dlink 552 - atheros fix causes kp (at desktop) and after first occurence, cant even get past verbose mode. I only tried this in 64 bit, and had to reformat to recover my system. Has anyone figured this one out yet?