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  1. Audio Update 2007-001

    confirmed, update killed my 822 audio.
  2. any pointers on how i can get this install on my laptop? it's a toshiba satellite 2430 P4 2.5ghz sse2. i am stuck at 10.4.7 and i tried several options to upgrade higher, including Jas 10.4.8 update, and this Uphuck 10.4.9 install. each time after i update/install, i get a kernel panic. for the uphuck install, i tried using the 8.9.1 sse2 kernel, along with installing the 10.4.4 loginwindow patch. should i have used one of the universal kernels? would i need the IOATA patch as well? any pointers getting my laptop higher than 10.4.7 would be appreciated. thanks!
  3. 10.4.10 Upgrade Sucessful

    installing the Jas 10.4.8 GMA950 kext package from Jas 10.4.8 OSX86 install DVD fixed the problem for me.
  4. Thanks, this installer works GREAT Applied the update today on my machine (specs below) and then installed the GMA950 from the Jas 10.4.8 installer, and fixed up the audio using Taruga's audio patch.
  5. thanks to the work done by ppl in this thread, i've successfully installed the Sabrent SATA-PE88 controller (SiI 3132) on my hackintosh to access my newly acquired seagate 500gb esata drive. the drive actually came with a Promise esata300 tx2 PCI controller, but didn't work in OSX, eventhough it came with drivers. i'm guessing it's only for PPC machines, since all newer dual G5 and Power Macs have only PCIE slots. i thought i could get away with maybe using a sata to esata bracket to use my existing sata ports on my p5ld2-vm, but that was a no go. from what i read it's cuz i need a ICH7R instead of the ICH7 controller on my mobo. i had to flash the bios of the Sabrent controller to get it into base mode instead of raid. i could have bought the Sabrent SATA-PE2P (SiI 3132) instead to not need to flash the bios, but it had one internal and one external sata ports, and i much rather have two external sata, since my mobo already has 4 internal ports. btw, there's a new bios for the SiI 3132. they are up to 7.4.05
  6. Recommend osx86 compatible C2D mobo

    nvm … called around some more and lucked out. found myself a p5ld2-vm rev2 mobo locally. seemed to be the last one they had at the store as well! since i've gotten no response from my inquiry, i quickly snatched up the mobo.
  7. with the recent intel price drops and introduction of the E4x00 and E6x20, i want to move up to a C2D cpu. as you can see from my specs i currently run a P805D on a Asus p5ld2-vm mobo. unfortunately my mobo is a rev1 and not a rev2, otherwise my upgrade would have been simple. and i can't seem to find a p5ld2-vm rev2 mobo. can ppl recommend a mobo that is as highly compatible as the p5ld2-vm mobo (gma950 video, working gigabit ethernet, working sound) that will take a E4400 or E6320?
  8. anyone try the new RC3? is it any better? i'm worried about using my working win2k3 partition with Parallels. it's not worth the risk to me to get this working if there's a chance of hosing my working windows partition.
  9. in the virtual hard drive option area where i can select boot camp, it's greyed out. what file am i suppose to be editing??? okay wait, is everyone that has this working using two separate drives for windows and osx? cuz i have it dual booting on ONE drive with two partitions.
  10. i installed Parallels on my Hackintosh but it doesn't even give me the option of selecting bootcamp. Do I have to install bootcamp before it recognizes my windows partition? also i use Windows bootloader, and from there I select to boot OSX, does that make a difference? my Windows partition is disk0s1 and OSX is disk0s2.
  11. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    okay i asked this before but i guess my post got lost and i didn't get an answer. i installed the ALC882 Sound Fix v0.4b since i have the same mobo. but do i have use the AppleHDA Patcher to get better results? i uninstalled the AppleHDA and use AppleAzaliaAudio method since i was getting very loud annoying pops. seems to be when the OS initializes the sound or something.
  12. sorry, i thought this was where i would find a thread on the topic. found the thread, thanks! 2nd question, will there be a significant performance hit on my Windows OS running it through Parallels?
  13. Can I install Parallels on my Hackintosh and make it use my already existing Win2k3 partition that I've set up in my dual boot? Both Win2k3 and x86 10.4.8 already co-exist in working order on my computer.
  14. thanks for the suggestion, but that wasn't the problem. at first i thought you were on to something since i checked my Win2k3 and that checkbox was checked, although it was checked off even when i at 10.4.6 installed and was running fine. i unchecked it but OSX still doesn't seem to reading the network connection until i unplug/plug the cable. this is just strange!
  15. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    tried the ALC882 Sound Fix v0.4b from the first post, there are loud "POPS" entering and leaving OSX. is that normal? or am i suppose to tweak the drivers?