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Having a Hard Time Choosing the Macbook! Mainly Screen Issues!

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Hi been on Macs since 1999 (OS 8.4.6) :P owned about 1 dozen worked on maybe 2 dozen. I have never been able to afford a "new" Mac before. I have always had self proped up used Macs that were really jenky but I got them to work well over the years. Legacy Mac Baby!


Well to make a long story short I have been on OSX86 since October. I have been really happy with it, more so than my used Macs, but I am concerned with the life expectancy of the OS. I think it may be running out as we approach Leapord?


My dliema is I just landed a sweet job that gives me a "modest" laptop credit and I need to order one this week. There are a lot of engineers there running Solidworks and CAD in a Winblows environment. So I do need some dual booting action taking place.


I am in sales and marketing and would be doing a lot of spreadsheets, light graphics, and powerpoint/ keynote presentations. (Fairly Dry Basic Stuff) I went and checked out the new 1.83 Macbook in 2 different Apple stores and also in Comp USA. Also talked a websurfing buddy into buying one and played around on his for about a day.


I love the look, the style, the speed, I don't even mind the cheap intergrated graphics as I really only do light photo graphics. What I do have a problem with is doing spreadsheets on the 13" screen. It sucks!


So I am not sure to buy the Dell E1505 w/ upgraded T2500 CPU (will eliminate dual core cpu stuttering), also upgrade the audio to Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED HD Audio (I think it is supported w/ patched kext) for the same price?


I checked out two dell kiosks and I really like this laptop. Sure it is heavier, and uglier, but the screen is 15.4" and is great!


The specs would almost be the same for the same price. Although on the forum many people have had many headaches getting them to work right as a hackintosh. But I think that is mainly due to the stock machine whith out the upgrades i just listed.


I guess my only concern is would it look too jenky in the office to be working on a hacked OS on a new laptop paid for by the company? I know it would be a stable machine, but how long can all this last? I simply can't work in Winblows a year from now. I can't!


I am open to suggestions, or alternate laptops in the same price range.




PS I don't work for Apple. I am just a dude in need of a new laptop at a great price. :)

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Well my advice would be to go with the MacBook. I just did a {censored} load of freelance design and am getting paid with a new Black MacBook. I am going to use it to replace my hackintosh and sell off those parts. Now, I need it to run all Adobe CS2 stuff, quark, etc. And just like you, I can't really do that on a 13" monitor. But I am going to keep my 19" crt and just use it as an external display with my existing Apple Keyboard and mouse. That way I have mobility when I need it, and screen size when I need it. Plus it will be a real mac and I will never have to worry about it running the next version of OS X. Hope that helps.

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i would do what kevlar said. there are always paranoid people in the workplace and may be outraged that someone "would have the nerve to pirate anything". updating software would be a {censored}. and who knows where apple could go in the future, maybe even a new kernal for the OS.


you would also have a damn sexy notebook. :police:

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Couldn't agree with Kevlar more. The new MacBook is virtually the same as the Pro version inside. If you take the 2.0ghz macines, they have a nearly identicall HW spec, and coupled with 2gb of RAM, you going to get a v.fast machine.


The idea of hooking an external display up is a great way to get some screen realestate while at work and home. 13.3" is great for being portable.


The glossy screen is ok in most scenario's. My PDA has a similar effect due to the touchscreen layer. I find that I can always angle the screen to reflect light away from my face, whilst maintaining a perfect viewing angle.


Don't forget that you get a 14day grace period to return it of you dont like it.

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Yeah I guess I was being silly with the Dell e1505. The Macbook's specs do kick ass! It is a great laptop and I can always use it as a hub in conjucntion with an external monitor and USB keyboard/ mouse combo.


Thanks for setting me straight guys.. I will keep ya updated with my purchase.


Although with my luck once I buy the Macbook. I bet Apple will release OSX86 for the PC platform and I will kick myself in the ass. Oh well I can dream right.....



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