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  1. I use Codeweaver's Crossover Mac for Half-Life 2. I don't have any problems with it and it plays fine. Might want to give that a try for your emulation too. No need for Parallels or dual booting for me.
  2. Thanks for the link. I've been looking for one. Looks like the 2400xt is {censored}. Worse than the 7600gs and x1600
  3. I am buying an iMac soon, optimizing space as I am moving into a small studio soon. It will be used mainly to surf the net, play WoW and watch dvds on. My question is, performance wise for WoW, would I be better off with a) the new iMac for $1199 core 2 duo 2.0ghz, 1gb ram, radeon hd 2400xt 128mb, or a refurbished iMac for $1099 core 2 duo 2.16ghz, 1gb ram, radeon x1600 128mb ram. I will be adding an extra 1gb of ram to either machine, and I get an educational discount on the new iMac which will make the price the same. Right now I am using Vista Home Premium on a PentiumD 820 with 2gb or Ram and a 7600GS. I will only run OS X on the iMac. What kind of FPS difference will I see, etc? These are my only choices due to budget and I cannot and will not spend any more as I do not have the funds. Thanks for the help.
  4. My Vista OS X Theme

    Would love to see it.. Been waiting for a good Vista Aero Type theme.. post a picture.
  5. I would ditch the whole VMWARE idea. Get yourself a spare harddrive and throw that in there.. That way you can setup everything natively.. Grap the latest JaS DVD off your favorite torrent site, and set your new harddrive to be your boot drive in your bios.. This way, if you screw up 10,000 times, you can always just format your OS X drive and try again, not having to worry about screwing up your Windows drive. The money spent on a new drive is well worth the headaches it will save you later down the road.. But make sure you ditch the 10.4.7 and get the latest 10.4.8... Let me know what else I can do for you... (yea I need an oink invite, willing to really help you) =)
  6. I had the same problem. I used the Natit version Bofors has up in the archives. Works perfectly, any other version I had the 90 degrees rotation that I couldn't get rotated. I have a 7600GS.
  7. I personally just bought a 7600GS to replace my x1600pro. Reasons behind it are: a) dual display in OS X, can't get my ATI x1600 to work right with dual display, lots of waviness on my main monitor. AIGXL + BERYL + Direct Rendering under Ubuntu.. To run Beryl with ATI you have to use XGL with doesn't support Direct Rendering and this is causing me one big headache. c) Windows Suck - So I don't even have it installed, can't help you there. d) I've never liked ATI, I've always been a NVIDIA fan, I just bought the x1600 for OS X to get rid of my GMA950 onboard. I'll stick with NVIDIA here on out.
  8. I also noticed that I CANNOT get it to repeat the expanded monitor once I change the resolution or click detect displays. If I reinstall all of the Kexts, I only get clone. I have to do a clean install of OS X and then replace the kexts to get the funky extended monitor issue I am having.
  9. I am using atidrv.kext and iondrvsupport.kext from 10.4.5. I am using the atix1000.kext from the x1x00 3.6 installer. The only thing I did to Natit.kext was download it (your choice, I'd pick the auto one) and download the dualx1600.plist rename the plist Info.plist and put it in the Natit.kext package. Throw that in your extensions folders, fix it's permissions chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/Natit.kext then chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/Natit.kext then remove Extensions.kextcache and Extensions.mkext and reboot... Cross your fingers.
  10. After installing Natit.kext, either edited or ATI auto, I get mirrored displayed.. But I got this before I installed the Natit.kext. Since I have an ATI x1600pro (MSI PRO-TD256E) I put in the x1600 dual display Info.plist (in both edited and auto) when I reboot after repairing permissions and such, I get 1280x1024 display on the main monitor, the second monitor is 1024x768 extended desktop. But my main monitor is really wavy. If I try and change the second monitors resolution it goes blank. If I hit Detect Displays, it goes back to the default mirrored, with no options to go extended, but the wavyness is gone. Also, I noticed that it seems to detect my monitors backwards saying my main monitor is a Dell when it's really a SyncMaster and my second monitor is a Syncmaster when it's a dell.. Any ideas???
  11. Yea, any server protocol that OS X supports should work fine with the script, AFP or SMB. Glad I could be of some help.
  12. Write an apple script to do it.. Put the applescript in your dock, once you connect, click the applescript and bingo... Perform the following steps to create an AppleScript application that automatically mounts a network volume. 1. Double-click the hard drive icon on the desktop. 2. Double-click the Applications folder. 3. Double-click the AppleScript folder. 4. Double-click the Script Editor application. 5. Type the following into the Script Editor window. tell application "Finder" open location "afp://user:password@server/share" open location "afp://user:password@server/share2" open location "afp://user:password@server/share3" open location "afp://user:password@server/share4" open location "afp://user:password@server/share5" open location "afp://user:password@server/share6" open location "afp://user:password@server/share7" open location "afp://user:password@server/share8" end tell Note: Replace user with the desired username, password with that user's password, server with the server IP address, and share with the name of the shared volume. 6. Click the File menu and choose Save As. 7. Type the desired name of the script in the Save As field. 8. Select the desired location for this file from the Where drop-down menu. 9. Choose Application from the File Format drop-down menu. 10. Ensure the Startup Screen setting does not have a check mark in front of it. 11. Click the Save button. The application will appear in the location selected above. 12. Close any open windows and close any programs to return to the desktop. 13. Navigate to the location to which the AppleScript application was saved. 14. Drag the Applescript to your Dock 15. Click the Applescript in your Dock
  13. I used JaS' first release of 10.4.8 with mifki's kernel.. I can honestly say it's ALOT faster, everything is working, x1600 with Boris 3.5 installer. I expected no problems going in, JaS is a genius and sometimes to work around a little bug all you have to do is use some of your own brain power. Also, back in the days of the first 10.4.3 release when I got into this scene, I built my machine to be as compatible as could be. About This Mac works, I replaced iCal from my previous 10.4.8 install. And I am very happy with the results. xBench went up a little, but nothing to jump for joy about. Everything just feels snappier. It was a smart decision to put 2 HDs in. Formatted my XP drive Carbon Copy Cloned my main drive to the second drive.. Formatted my main drive, installed from the DVD and Migrated all my files and settings back. Migration Assistant is a wonderful thing done by Apple. I have not noticed one bug at all.
  14. JaS. I just want to say a big thank you for all your hard work.. Screw the people complaining.. It's a simple bless issue and those who have been around have had to deal with it before back in the days of 10.4.4 and 10.4.5 when Maxxuss was still around. There are a number of ways around it and there is a search button. People are just lazy.. But THANKS again. It's working wonderfully and I along with others really do appreciate all the work you are putting into this.
  15. OSx86 on seperate drive question

    The way you are thinking about setting it up is exactly how mine is setup. 2 Physical drives. One for XP, one for OS X. I just select the correct drive in the BIOS for booting (I rarely us XP). Just make sure you select the OS X intended boot drive before you pop in the Install DVD. You won't screw up your XP drive at all. And it then takes away all the headaches of having to setup a dual boot and in my case it's not needed cause I use OS X 99.99% of the time.