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To Groklaw's Pamela Jones

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You wrote on Friday: "First though, I'll answer a question some of you are asking me: why do I care about this Apple v. Psystar case, since it's about mostly proprietary software I don't even buy? Why even spend time on it?"


First, I see you probably got a lot of help writing that article. Did Apple's attorneys give you a hand?


Second, if you're being paid by Apple, I don't see a disclaimer saying Apple is funding your anti-Psystar agenda. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being paid but disclosure is a must.


Finally, you also wrote: "EULAs are precisely what made me stop using Windows, because I couldn't say "yes, I agree" after Windows 98SE. The EULA kept getting more and more confining and offensive to me. But because I couldn't, I couldn't use Windows any more honorably, could I? That's how I ended up switching to Linux."


It's too late to try to convince open source advocates you're on their side.


You've always used Macs. There's nothing wrong with that.


Your 'embrace' of GNU/Linux probably began when you were getting help and perhaps $ from F$F.


All the BS about Mandrake and KNOPPIX was only a facade to get followers for your anti-SCO agenda when you were the public relations director at Medabiliti.


The Mandrake and KNOPPIX facade probably was an idea you got from the guys that worked at The Globe and then worked at Medabiliti, remember this:


June 18, 2003: New York Linux User's Group Meeting, Jerrell Schivers, Medabiliti's Chief Software Architect, Josh Kutz-Flamenbaum, Medabiliti's Senior Software Engineer, Chandrika Mitra, Medabiliti's Software Engineer, Angel Dela Cruz, Medabiliti's Software Engineer attending.


Go on with your facade. Some of us know what you're doing.

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