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  1. Thanks for the app!!! Data transmitted.
  2. vilpostus

    Windows XP Outperforming Vista and 7?

    As my personal GeekBench tests showed, OS X is ahead of XP and Linux. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=180908&hl= Unfortunately I don't have Visa and Windows 7 to test (honestly I don't like Vista). Some (if not all) 64-bit OSes still support 32-bit apps. So most 32-bit software can run on 64-bit systems. Though some 32-bit apps do not run on some 64-bit OSes. Not to mention the old hardware support.That (hardware) was not intended to be used with 64-bit OSes, therefore not supported. Unfortunately naiver hardware manufacturers, nor software manufacturers tend to write 64-bit drivers for older hardware (4-5 y.o. or more). I guess nobody wants to change all hardware at once just cos' a software manufacturer wants one's money for a declared-to-be-new OS. cnr0616 At the time XP was released naiver i5 nor i7 haven't had existed. Therefore XP was not intended for this particular CPU (read XP is not i7 optimised). It is not a fare comparison with Windows 7 which has a far better support of up-to-date CPUs. I'd better run some tests of Windows7 and XP on the same older hardware e.g. 4-5 y.o. Pentium4. Guess it'd be an interesting story
  3. vilpostus

    Refresh Rate Problem

    If you could do a forum search... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=187906 (below the Bios settings)
  4. As a temporary alternative, may install to an external USB HDD. Then, with working system, research the problem deeply. Use the forum search. Try to find the right chipset driver and correct BIOS settings (if some of them is present in the BIOS).
  5. vilpostus

    "Still waiting for root device"..............

    Do a forum search.This issue is very common! Very! Esp. with MBs for AMD CPUs. In general there are several main reasons why it can happen: If both DVD and disk drives are connected inappropriately If ACHI mode is not enabled (not the case) If there are no appropriate chipset driver present on the install DVD (most likely the case) If a DVD drive is IDE and HHD is SATA (this combination is known not to work on some MBs; this might also be the case) So do yourself a favour, and do a forum search by the chipset the MB has.